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  1. Hello, i've been playing in every Eglobal project as a Solo player, played few hours per day doing my own thing, nothing special about it. Been playing L2 for almost 12 years now. Im canadian GMT-8 from westcoast. I look forward to find a CP thats needs driver for thoses classes: BD/SwS/Spoiler/Summoners/ any DD(just not Main Assist.). Discord/TS3. play mostly 4-6 hrs per day, sometimes can go up to 18 hrs per day. I play for fun, so nomatter what i am asked to do ill do it, am like the guy that do every boring class for you. If i cant find anything im also looking
  2. yes ive done it. Cant provide screenshot also cuz i have to donate again to do it wich not interested anymore.
  3. up 30 coin in the drain for trying if its fix. UP
  4. 2 min d/s correctly executed, SWS and BD can manage song and Dance for a long long time.
  5. apparently someone cant read forum. PA Info: https://ibb.co/c0BHcS Elite Club Info https://ibb.co/gcu0Wn
  6. Spoiler+supports. 13 years of gameplay. mostly interlude. TS/Discord. Play usually at night and overnight due to my GMT-8. Looking for a Cp to help and furnish mats. take some command. English/French
  7. Warlord here. play 10 hrs+/day. Ts/Discord etc.
  8. pm me on forum, downloading client atm. plan to be active quit a bit. interssed to join your group.
  9. WTB Figther Will Book WTB Expose Weak point Book "AvA
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