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  1. will this files work on this new update or everytime there is update on skills you will need to update files ?
  2. Can you do it again for the new patch after update pls ? sorry :D
  3. This one is for the #FAIL topic of the video competition :) [automerge]1589305834[/automerge] Here is video from 2nd baium of server. This is the first time i used shake effect, i realize its very bad, next time will be better :)
  4. every Nobless buff ( scroll, mass clan, normal) freanzy/guts/zealot please, thank you <3
  5. Here is the promised Baium PVP video, also included some CORE and ZAKEN pvps. Careful with sound, put it lower https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= QXP-aoPXGTE
  6. Hey, this is a video from this weekend Sieges and Silent Valey bosses. Dont know what category it belongs to, but here we go!
  7. Guys.. this is like other Zaken instances. You walk up to the middle of each room and give an AOE skill, if it hits zaken, it means hes there, so you just go to the barrels around that room, activate them all and zaken appears.
  8. Thank you, but us main spoilers feel left out since we want to keep around 65~~lvl :( :( :( gimmi spoil rune eheh
  9. all epics were postponed by 1 day, so if it was suposed to spawn at day X, it now spawns at day X+1
  10. I should've won that god damn, had to craft my own full plate set XD including the god damn shield that is "drop only" keys
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