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  1. I am wondering since you reworked skills like Seed of Revenge, Spirit of Phoenix, Eva's Will and Pain of Shilen, what are you planning for the upcoming tank skills Insane Crusher, Flame Icon, Touch of Eva, Spirit of Shilen. Will they be working similar to what we know or planning some major rework?
  2. I am thinking on joining the server and wanted to find chill people to play with. No 24/7 online... active hours can discuss Willing to play almost anything the party needs
  3. Is the client so heavy? I have serious performance issues on my laptop, like watching frame by frame instead of a video flow... I don't get it because i do not have such issue on regular High Five client Please help
  4. I noticed that when using Dual-swords soulshots apply only on the 1st hit and not on the 2nd hit of each auto attack. It was clearly visible (sound effect too) while using duals for a few minutes. Take a look on it please. Rejected Using soulshots with duals work in appropriate way (tested).
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