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  1. UP reikia SE arba EE,BP
  2. UP reikia SE arba EE/BP
  3. Not shure how this nerfed daggers work but they oneshot any robe if you are without gshield+cc.
  4. UP. Reika OL,SE,Mago
  5. UP reikia SE,OL,Mago charai yra.
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18Xuv5I4G8dkWu_9fkdru-z3VTyBsiA3q/view?usp=sharing
  7. Hello have suggestion in my point of view some fps drops depends on clan war kill message on screen if its possible to remove it somehow, for some player it will increase fps in mass events for sure. https://prnt.sc/xwk34m @fabuLous
  8. just level up your char whats all
  9. Didnt seems dagger a weak class he can easly two shot any mage if backstab lands. So what you want shadow step + backstab and go to another target?
  10. I guess they have some dark resist buffs on for shure.
  11. But you cnt farm s grade rcp from 72lvl? So we nees to boost char up to 75?
  12. UP. Reikia papildymo uz maga (turim sorco acc) arba tanka
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