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  1. Ahhahaha I agree, Interlude is the best chronicle ;). For the biniding I know it is a bit annoying; personally I use F1 to F5 on keyboard, F6 to F12 binded on my gaming mouse. Of course not all the ppl use a gaming mouse, but for me it works fine. Hope GM will insert keybinding option in the game, it would be great!!
  2. No keybind in this chronicle, or at least it seems so. The only keys binded are F1 to F9 on the first bar. Wasn't my answer clear enough regarding the e-coins? Btw sorry for my bad english :P
  3. You can buy e-coins from your Control Panel and you can use them in game to purchase gear till B-grade and a lot of more stuffs, or you can sell e-coins to other players in game for adena (more convenient). Of course if you spend 100 euros you will buy S-grade in 1 min, btw I suggest you to play in normal way; there is more satisfaction when you can craft or buy your gear with your own resources ;).
  4. I suggest you to give it a try. This server is not so bad, imho. Yeah a lot of pk, but lot of exp zone too. P2W can't be stopped, but you can use it at your advantage, as I do with my fellows, cause ppl who shop a lot will spend Adena with no brain and you can get reach spending 0 real money (full top A gear before lvl 61 thx to credit card ppl) . If you are not in hurry to do mass hardcore pvp and if you have good group of friends you will have a lot of fun, as we having :). L2 it's a game of patience, there's always time to create alliance and get castle, hero, etc.. This is a private server, ppl go and come continuosly so things can always change :) Think about enjoying the game in all his apsects, do all you can to help your group to raise up easly: crafter, spoiler, buffer and recharger, etc... If you just want fast and hard pvp and easy gear so you might try high rate pvp servers. Personally I think the Interlude server won't die with the "release" of Gracia server, cause, like GM already answered to me in another thread, Interlude's public is different from Gracia ppl.
  5. [uSER=2831]@slayer[/uSER], m8 you are really an idiot, do you expect all know russian on a International server? Or do you think that ppl go to translate all the russian forum? Maybe you are the retard or you actually are... You might post this before all the insult and the flame, but I understand this is too much for you. Nevermind m8 you can go rest your mind now. Ok it is legit using this patch, what can I say, this is shiit for me, but I wish good luck everybody using that.
  6. Yes I know that, of course they did. I'm talking about right this! If someone uses that "patch", he's modifying the e-global original file/s. I'm not talking about L2 official. I just wanna know from a GM if this thing is legit or not for them. Otherwise, as I wrote before, everyone might use it. Or better, e-global staff might link this patch directly from the site to download it. When I wrote that i'm an old style player I just meant I don't like that things and I won't use it anyway. Just that! Still waiting for GM's response.... P.S. I apologize with everyone is reading this thread cause we are going off topic, but hey it is an important discussion anyway!
  7. I'll try to explain my position: I download L2 client from e-global, then I donwload a "patch" from another site, (I'm gentle to call it in that way) not implemented on e-global client, so an external patch or a 3rd part patch if you prefer, and this is considered legit. I call this "hack or cheat" cause you installed something that "changed" some original client file/s to give you something in game otherwise you won't have. How can you consider this legit? Why GMs don't spend a word to clarify this situation? If they say that this is all legit/legal whatever you want, then everybody might use this "patch". Personally I'm an old style L2 player and I don't like these kind of things. Anyway, waiting for some GMs response.
  8. What a usless reply...what will you /target if you don't see me? If I see a pk killing someone, or if I just want to avoid a pvp and you don't see me cause you are too busy to kill your target, maybe I can hide somewhere and soe. If you see ppl despite of what you are doing in pvp, well this is a "non legit" advantage, cause a pvp group/guy will never have the suprise advantage if you use some progs that allows you to see them. Of course ppl cry if others use hacks to take advantages just cause they are too dumb to play normally. And btw m8 you are so garbage, maybe we hurted you with this post! Did you feel threatened in some ways? Be polite, ppl here just asking for GM's clarifications, we are not here to be insulted.
  9. What? Let me guess...I'm running away from pvp, pk, whatever and I want to hide behind a wall, for example in catacombs, and you can see me behind the wall??? Is this shiit legit? I hope no cause in that case the PvP = Lineage 2, on this server, would be a FAKE. Same shiit like Ranger program on L2 Official caused toooooons of ppl to quit the game. Please BAN these ppl or block them using this ..patch, program, dunno how the hell call it... Problem is not the PK, it is part of L2, it is part of the game. You do it at your own risk, but a PK that can see ppl behind walls, hills, etc.. and can choose, with all the calm, who and how to kill for first, well this means fake pvp for noob ppl who only has big mama/papa credit card from their side! ...reconsidering this is a nice server....
  10. Really hope you are right. This Interlude server is really nice!!
  11. Hey Guys, I will write this in english too just to let ppl understand the post even if they are not interested. Is there any Italian community in some international clan? We are couple of ppl interested to meet some italian guy, to exp, pvp or just have a word in TS. C'è qualche community ita in qualche clan internazionale? Siamo un paio di persone interessate ad incontrare qualche italiano per exp, pvp o anche solo per una chiacchiera in TS.
  12. Hi guys! Since I saw the news about Gracia a doubt came in my mind...Will we have a new Gracia server or it will be an update of the Interlude server or Interlude will be closed? Personally I hope for an update cause, in my opinion, split the community in 2 servers means lose a lot of ppl who will be pissed to lvl up again or farm ALL from zero. Same for closing the Interlude server! Maybe I missed some GM infos about this, but it is always good to ask when you don't know something ;). Anyway gogo Gracia!!!
  13. Problem is not ppl in A grade. Problem is: something like "I'm new player and I spend 1 night with my dwarf selling SSD/BSSD to gain 2kk; well p2w ppl need 1 click with 2 euros donations and 5 min of their time to have 26kk". Problem is: "Good Clans go to do Valakas/Antharas/Baium etc... THEY DROPPED RING/EARRINGS YAYYYYYYY...now some strong p2w can offer 5kkk to buy them and we can have our +16 nuts...". Problem is: "finally got my LEGIT A-grade armor S-grade weapon after 4-5months of hard play/farm/fun, YES i'm ready for Olympiads..oh w8 who's this guy with +16 SoM +10 Jewels +6Armor? Oh it's a pro p2w, well I surrender after being 2shotted. Next match pls". - Pro Solutions: 1) All the C/B gear in the E-shop HAVE to be untradable/unenchantable. Is good to give an help to new players, so not bad idea to put them in the shop, just stop this to C-grade cause B-grade might be a goal for all the players. 2) Aboslutley remove SSD from E-shop. Let dwarfs do their job!!! 3) E-coins HAVE to be untradable in game. 4) Mini games such as Lucky Wheel or Intuition might be insta deleted cause the will turn the game in a bet center/casino. I think you will earn a lot of $$ in any case, cause ppl always spend money if they have the possibility. Maybe add more customizable accessories or appearance and U will se how many ppl will buy them. Personally my friends and I will give couple of months of our time to see what this server will become, cause it's one of the best private project since long time. Don't screw all like NCsoft did with p2w. P2W always kills good community, but hey I undesrtand this is a business for you, so it's up to you on what kind of playstyle you want to offer. What is better? some months of money and an empty server just to earn some $$ or some years of a stable community, full server and more $$?
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