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    Battle Pass

    Bought the Battle Pass but do not see benefit at all. All costumes does not require any pass to purchase and do not see any increase in drop. In fact other friends have more coins than me without it. I will prefer a refund and spend those coins on a costume directly...
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    Changes to improve server population

    We all know server is dying.. would be good to implement some changes and see if can survive. Below are some changes I believe could improve the situation. *Add Global Chat for all characters, not just PA - maybe only characters with 3rd prof or 70+ to avoid spam. *Add 3rd Prof change with...
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    WTS/WTB Stuff

    Sell: *22nd buff book *Dragon Slayer *Infernal Master *CRP Scrolls Buy: *AA = 7a each *Blue 12 *Rec Neck/Earring TT *Rec AM Mace *EWA pm forum or ingame Coide
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    Remove game accounts from Master account

    Can we remove/delete game accounts from Master account?
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    Character creation

    Will character creation be enable before server launch to create characters and send Coins?