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Found 4 results

  1. To get your free bonuses you will need to complete simple following actions: Roll cards in a card game on this page; Join the game during open beta from February 24 to March 5 Our community already used to do this but if you are new here we gonna explain you: ? Action #1 — Wanna play a game? Go to promo page (link) then press big red button "Gifts before start" You will need to choose 3 cards. You can start over to get what you like more. Didn't like what you got? Press "Reset"! Got bonuses that you like? Press "Confirm"! [*]After that you will be moved to register form: If you are new, you will need to finish registration, after that you need to confirm in message that will be sent to your E-mail. In some situations you need to check spam folder. After that text file with your account information will be downloaded automatically. Save this file to have access to your PIN code. Already registered? Just click Log in. [*]You will be moved to Account Control Panel. Your gifts will be displayed on the right side in main section. If you don't see your gift you will have to switch between servers on the top left. ? Action #2 — Create character during Open beta! If you don't have master account. Complete registration process described above. If you have an account, log in and create game account. (Screenshot). Download files on the home page or promo page. At this moment you can download game client, other game files will be available later. After Open Beta launch (Feb 24, 20:00 GMT +2) you will need to enter the game and create character. Be online for at least 5-10 minutes. Before start all players with created characters will get their bonuses at CP Warehouse (Screenshot): Blessing of Adventure [3 days] - Increases HP and MP regeneration while sitting by 30% Vitality Potion - Replenishes 5000 vitality points Extra Pass - Rim Kamaloka (for Premium owners); ? Bonuses can be only transfered to a character that belongs to your master account! Dear players! Please do not transfer gifts/Family Coins/make purchases before server start.
  2. https://true.gallery/image.php?di=Y9XV.jpg[/img] Dear Friends! So the New 2020 Year is about to break in to our houses PersikCute On behalf of E-Global, I have a great pleasure to congratulate you on a good and bright holidays - Christmas and New Year! Let it bring you a peace of mind and a huge happiness as in your real life, same as in our beloved game world! We are glad to announce "Dress up the New Year Tree" event in celebration of upcoming holidays! Useful information: Event start - 23 December; Ending date - going to be announced in this thread; To correct display of all items of the even you will need to update you client via launcher\updater! Who can participate: Every player of our server can participate in the event, regardless of the equipment and the level of your character. The event is not tied to any time and a specific location. All you need is just to hunt on a monsters in game. Event description: New Year Tree has been setted at Giran town square. Mobs devoured her and stole all the ornaments. Santa Claus sent his assistant to Elmoraden so she could restore the Christmas Tree before the New Year and players can help to do it intime! 1. Hunt mobs and collect items Fir Tree Branch; Bead Ornament; Star Ornament; Lottery Ticket that can be used at the 2nd part of the event (a bit later); Christmas Red Sock - small chance (uncommon item). You will receive 1 reward from the items below once you opened it: [spoiler=Rewards] 10 Quick Healing Potions 35 Ivory Coins Soul Crystals 12/13/14 Levels Fire/Water/Earth/Wind/Holy/Dark Attribute Ore (АТТ камни) Enchanted Treasure Chest Life Stone Treasure Chest Potion of Vitality Replenishing Gemstone A/S gr. Ring of Core Earring of Orfen 2. Bring collected items (Fir Tree Branch, Bead Ornament, Star Ornament) to NPC Santa Assistant Emma. You can find Emma at Giran square. 3. Exchange collected items to receive useful items: Christmas Red Sock Christmas Festival - useful buff that will boost your character: [spoiler=Description] Duration - 120 min; Can not be removed by Cancellation, Steal Divinity etc; Will not be removed after character death; Will not work on Grand Olympiad; HP, CP, MP +15%; Moving Speed +10; P. Atk. +8%; M. Atk. +10%; All Clarity +10%; Modifies the appearance of the weapon, turning it into an icicle. Exchange rate: Item Christmas Red Sock = 1 Star + 3 Bead + 10 Branch; Buff Christmas Festival = 3 Star / 8 Bead / 25 Branch (up to your choice). Please note! You will receive buff for free if you have Real Santa's Hat. You will receive guaranteed reward during your first dialog with Santa Assistant Emma: Snow Kung Transformation Sick 30-days limited item; Transform you into a Snowman; Transformation - increase your speed and allow you to throw a snowballs MP +30% Once you equipe the Stick - you will receive 3 active skills - Rock, Paper, Scissors. Play with your friends. [*] Santa's Hat: 30-days limited item; Active skill: Vitality (Energy Recovery) - restores energy (vitality) upon gaining experience; Buff duration - 20 min; Cooldown - 4 hour. You don't like red color? - chose your own for 50 Ivory Coins! [*] Santa's Hat can be upgraded to Real Santa's Hat at Santa Assistant Emma for 25 Family Coin: Timeless item; You can receive Buff Christmas Festival for Emma for free; Active skill: Vitality (Improved Energy Recovery) - restores energy (vitality) upon gaining experience; Buff duration - 60 min; Cooldown - 4 hour. [*] Santa's Suit 30-days limited item; New Year suite, which will replace your armor; Can be upgraded to Real Santa's Suit at Santa Assistant Emma for 15 Family Coin: Timeless item; Will not remove your armor same as other costumes. Happy Holidays! :2603::1f389:
  3. Dear friends! 2018 is coming to an end :1f60c: The whole E-Global team wishes you a Happy New Year, and we also want to wish that the coming year will bring you only pleasure, both in real life and within our beloved world of Lineage 2. And on the occasion of the upcoming holidays we want to please you with a wonderful event - "Dress a Christmas tree!" Important information: Launch date - after an unscheduled restart December 22 (already started today); End date - will be announced a little later in this topic; Be sure to update your game files via updater for correct displaying of event items and gifts! Also, you can install with replacement event patch. Who can participate: Each player of our server can become an event participant, regardless of the equipment and level of your character in the game. The event is not tied to time and a specific location. It is enough to be in the game and hunt monsters in order to participate. Event description: There is a New Year's Tree on Giran Square. Mobs tore her and stole all the jewelry. Santa-Claus sent his assistant to the Kingdom of Aden so that she could restore the Christmas Tree before the New Year, and it's only hope for the help of the players! 1. You need to hunt an ordinary mobs in the game world, and the following items will be dropped out of them: Fir Tree Branch Bead Ornament Star Ornament Christmas Red Sock - with a slight chance. When you open, you will receive 1 gift from the list below:[spoiler=Description] 25 Ivory Coins 10 Quick Healing Potions Soul Crystals 11/12/13 Levels Fire/Water/Earth/Wind/Holy/Dark Attribute Ore (АТТ камни) Enchanted Threasure Chest (description) Threasure Chest with Life Stone (description) Potion of Enegry Replenishing (restores 25% from max. Vitality) [spoiler=Description] 2. Bring all collected parts of the Christmas Tree (branches, beads and stars) to Santa Assistant Emma. Emma is located on Giran square. 3. Exchange Christmas Tree parts from Emma and get instead of them: Christmas Red Sock Christmas Festival - useful buff that increases character parameters: [spoiler=Description] Duration - 120 minutes Cannot be canceled, stolen Does not fall down at death Does not work at the Olympiad Does not take buff slot HP, CP, MP + 15% Moving speed +10 P. Atk. + 8% M. Atk. + 10% All Clarity + 10% [spoiler=Description] Exchange rate of parts: to get the Christmas Red Sock = 1 star + 3 beads + 10 branches to get Christmas Festival = 3 stars / 8 beads / 25 branches (one of the options to choose from) Also, depending on the diligence shown when participating in the event, players will receive special gifts on New Year's Eve! :1f609: During the first dialogue with New Year NPC Santa Assistant Emma (on Giran square) each player will receive gifts: Staff of transformation into a Snowman: Transformation - increases the speed of movement and allows you to throw snowballs MP +30% gives 3 active skills: "stone/scissors/paper" [*]Santa's Hat: Adds an active Vitality replenishment skill (Energy Recovery) - restores energy when gaining experience; Buff duration - 20 minutes; Energy Reuse Delay - 8 hours; Duration of hat - 1 month; Personal item. [*]Santa's Hat can be improved to Improved Santa's Hat from NPC Santa Assistant Emma for 15 Family Coin: Adds an active Vitality replenishment skill (Improved Energy Recovery) - restores energy when gaining experience; Buff duration - 60 minutes; Energy Reuse Delay - 4 hours; Duration of hat - iternal; Personal item. Happy holidays to you! :2603::1f389:
  4. Dear friends! We invite you to take a part in the "The awakening of Cronus" event. The event consists of two parts, a quest and an instance. It developed for passing in the command channel. You can gain extra EXP and get nice drop for killing the Giant. Details: The event is regular for the Gracia Final x7 server; Quest an Instance zone rollback is daily at 6:30 am by server time (GMT +2); Quest begins at NPC Adventurers' Guide; Quest-participants must be level 70-85 (incl.) Raid boss farmers must be 75-85 lvl. Entrance to the zone is available for the command channels from 18 to 45 members (2-5 parties). Any character can be a command channel's leader. You can enter the instance zone through the NPC Lucius, which is located in the Gludio town. Reward: Guaranteed reward: extra-EXP for completing the quest, EXP for defeating the Giant. Raid Boss drop: S-grade equipment (weapons, armors, accessoires); S80-grade equipment (weapons, armors, accessoires); Archer's Will, Magician's will и Fighter's Will books (~ 15%), S-grade enchant scrolls, armors and weapons parts, BSOR and BSOE. The party that makes the last hit can also enchant SA: 10 -> 11 - 100% 11 -> 12 - 75% 12 -> 13 - 50% 13 ->14 - 25% Personal chance for each member of the party that makes the last hit (like Anakazel). Event Description: On the Gracia island Ancient Giant, whose name is Cronus is awakened from ancient sleep. The Alliance of Ketzerossa encourages the Elmoreden clans to gather all their strengths, to unite into groups and go to war with the ancient evil! Quest begins at NPC Adventurers' Guide. After taking the quest, go to NPC Lucius, which you can find in Gludio town. About the Quest: Instance zone and Raid Boss is available for players only 70-85 lvl, consisting of a team channel of 18-45 members. You can farm RB without taking Quest. The entry is made by Command channel's leader, the players must be situated within a small radius of the NPC. After entering, players enter a zone, which is protected from aggression of RB, there you can reorganize groups if it is necessary and to make rebuff, and then start to farm RB. After receiving significant damage Cronus uses a force field, protecting Cronus from any kind of damage. To destroy the field, two groups of players must go through the opened portals and destroy the Generators. You have to find the real generators among the fakes. When the force field of RB is weaken, you can continue the fight. After the Giant's death, the Reward drops to the ground as usual. You can leave the zone through the opened portal.
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