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Found 5 results

  1. 3 Dear friends! At this Saturday it's been three months since we launched our spring Interlude Rework x1 server. We are as E-global team want to congratulate us all with this achievement! We don't want to post some boring graphs or statistics of the server, those who still playing on it knows clearly about everything what is happening and what was in the past. But we still want to highlight everyone who made contributions into server development and the project in general, who experienced and shared many different emotions, who created tickets and was active on forums,
  2. Dear players! We want to keep you informed about what's happening on the server, about stages and transition. As we said in post about Stage 1.5 there are some requirements for stage 2.0: ? Level requirements: At least 100 characters 68+ - Done! At least 25 characters 72+ - Done! At least 1 character 74+ - Done! At least four level 9 clans - Done! ?Equipment: At least 200 A-grade armor sets - Done! At least 50 top A-grade weapons - Done! At least 7 Zaken's earring - Done! (4 Earrings were dropped in instance available for all players). Sinc
  3. Dear players! In this thread we want to give you information about stages transition and thank you one more time for choosing our project. . Everyone who played at least on one of our servers knows that we do mistakes but it's not because we don't care, it's all because we want to bring you high quality product. Every player has huge value: person who just created character and players who with us from the launch day and has reached heights that you cannot believe. Thank you for staying with us even when tough times come. What about stages. To be honest, system that created
  4. Dear players! We are glad to announce Ingame Auction service on Interlude Rework x1! This system is familiar for the most players but for those who don't know what we are talking about i'm going to explain. Any player can add almost* any item for trade using our web service, which is available in cabinet. The seller just need to set price and wait. List of currently available items for selling (this list will be updated in future): Adena. Make sure you chose package sale option when selling adena Weapons D \ C \ B \ A \ S-Grade including Soul Crystal;
  5. Dear players! In this thread we have gathered all the useful information that will help you to play on Gracia Final x7 server. First of all we want to tell you about OBT results, all fixes and additions that we have done. Main concept: After few tries proper dynamic experience rates has been applied Added Zaken instance Finalized starter packages Fixed bug with Bishop's skills transfer (regarge) Fixed items and skills that did not work on olympiad Added new game mechanic - Party Aura Fixed a lot of Chinese localization HTML Fixed skills cooldown: now skills has the
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