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Found 8 results

  1. Comradessa

    EE lf CP

    Приветствую. Ищу кп лайферков .Играл ни раз на этом проекте, умею играть за свой класс и за многие другие. С меня фулл донат, прайм тайм 18-24 и позитивное общение.
  2. Hi everyone. I am looking for english/russian speaking friendly clan/party. Earlyer played on x50 servers as Illuminati. I can play for almost any class, but my online is only after work from 7p.m. I can play for 10th member or smth. Just want to spend time with friendly people and have fun in my free time.
  3. szukam cp + ts3 moge zagrac bp , sps , wl. lf cp +ts3 I make play bp , sps , wl. contact skype: live:kiszonybanan61
  4. Greetings to everyone! We have an Archer CP 6/9 active atm. We are looking for drivers to play our BD, EE and Warlock or people which are interesting to play their own chars of the roles we need. If you like to play any of our characters as a driver in our CP we can also transfer that account on your personal email and take the character permanent for you. We need people who speaking English or Greek, using communication software (discord and TS3). Our CP Prime time is daily except weekends. We usually playing in the weekends too but we give these 2 days as freedays to everyone if you need to take a break. Our Prime Time starts at 20:00 and ends at 00:00 GMT+2, 4 hours per day. We hope to join us soon and have a lot of fun with us. [Contact me here or in game "Eulogist] Thanks and GL! :cool:
  5. Witamy, szukamy wyzej wymienionych klas do naszego CP. Gwarantujemy dobra zabawe i przyjazna atmosfere. Srednia wieku 30 lat. Gramy w godzinach 20 - 24. Pm w grze Esmevan, Eryko, Arvenkaa, Raxsnk.
  6. We are a nine men spanish party looking for a good clan. Archer party 70+ with WC, BD, SWS, EE, BP, PP. We are all main-class, no boxes.
  7. Hello I am currently looking for International or fully Polish CP. I am quite experienced player, able to use TS3, Ventrilo or any other VoIP communicator. Started on e-global last sunday morning (1.05). Character: Warlock LVL: 50 + (Also have WC around 50 so I am able to keep exping myself) Gear: Almost nothing yet. Still doing well in devotion set lol. Contact here on forums or in-game nick "Worm". All the best
  8. Играю спойлером. У меня 2 окна. Хочу купить на спойлера премиум руну на месяц, дабы получить +к шансу дропа и + к шансу спойла. Если 2 окна находятся в пати, как будет действовать премиум руна? Будет ли больше дропа? И будет ли больше спойла?
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