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Found 10 results

  1. Dear Players of MasterWork! INVICTUS is an international community of Lineage 2 Players which was born in 2009 on the Server L2DEX. We have a strong core of veteran members who still play together to this day. We love to play the game and have a "chill" approach. We do not recruit toxic players and do not condone toxic behavior. We have recently opened recruitment on Masterwork because we have the ambition to become the "home" international community for all Players who cannot speak Russian. Our Clan is open for recruitment to both Solo Players and Constant Parties. If you are interested, you can: PM "Thesis PM any Invictus you see on the map Join our discord server and contact us on the #recruitment channel - https://discord.gg/bAwXa4G Here's the detailed information about our clan: Clan level 10 Full Clan Skills Top Clan Hall in Oren Ally with ShadowsBad / Open War with Rise We participate daily to mass pvp and all Server events We use Discord for daily coordination, and TeamSpeak 3 for Ally activities Looking forward to playing with you! Thesis
  2. Greetings to everyone! We have an Archer CP 6/9 active atm. We are looking for drivers to play our BD, EE and Warlock or people which are interesting to play their own chars of the roles we need. If you like to play any of our characters as a driver in our CP we can also transfer that account on your personal email and take the character permanent for you. We need people who speaking English or Greek, using communication software (discord and TS3). Our CP Prime time is daily except weekends. We usually playing in the weekends too but we give these 2 days as freedays to everyone if you need to take a break. Our Prime Time starts at 20:00 and ends at 00:00 GMT+2, 4 hours per day. We hope to join us soon and have a lot of fun with us. [Contact me here or in game "Eulogist] Thanks and GL! :cool:
  3. Hi ! Archangels CP (L2TEAM) is recruiting active bladedancer and DD . Candidates should be able to speak english at a decent rate , use teamspeak and join teamspeak . The prime hours : 20:00 - 24:00 UCT+2(msk , RO,GR,BG,etc.) , you're expected to play at that time. If you would like to apply, pm SweetPotatoes , Aeon or leave a reply with your in-game nickname.
  4. Clan spreadLove LF one more CP - atm we have 4 Cps 2x Cz/SK cp 1x Pl CP and 1 cp from France :P CH Aden, many wars, giran castle ... we are looking for full pack 9+ PPL with 78+ lvl and some gear Info here or private message or pm Pontifex in game :fire:
  5. Hey Guys, I will write this in english too just to let ppl understand the post even if they are not interested. Is there any Italian community in some international clan? We are couple of ppl interested to meet some italian guy, to exp, pvp or just have a word in TS. C'è qualche community ita in qualche clan internazionale? Siamo un paio di persone interessate ad incontrare qualche italiano per exp, pvp o anche solo per una chiacchiera in TS.
  6. Bawss


    International clan Equinox recruiting active players. We are 4 cp so far and looking to grow even bigger. We always work all for one and one for all, everyone has the same rights and obligations: -only english in clan and ally chat; -full privileges; -access to buffers accounts; -drops and mats are shared; -access to crafter for craft and leveling! -in-game activity will be rewarded by me in donation coins. We have members from Poland,Romania,Russia,Lithuania,Spain and Germany . Everyone is welcome and we accept any class. You can leave me a message here on pm me in game - Bawss My Skype : Payback Bawss We have TS3 GL
  7. Όνομα της Clan: Oblivion Clan Leader: Nesher (Necromancer) Clan Level: 5 Υπεύθυνοι πρόσληψης μελών: Nesher, Lunatica Κανόνες της Oblivion: - Προτειμούμε άτομα ηλικίας άνω των 18 - Πρέπει να είστε ενεργοί στο Clan Chat - Σεβασμός σε όλα τα μέλη της Clan - Ο καθένας μπορεί να αφήνει parts από Weapons,Armors,Jewels ή Materials και Adena στο Clan Warehouse, ώστε να βοηθηθούν άλλα μέλη της Clan. - Ψάχνουμε άτομα ενεργά, τουλάχιστον 3+ ώρες κάθε μέρα Λίγα λόγια για την Clan: Προσκαλούμε όλους όσους θέλουν ακαδημία, παίκτες με όρεξη για Raid Bosses & PvPs, και όποιον άλλο θέλει να έρθει κοντά μας. Ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων, Nesher.
  8. We Have: - International community - English only @clan chat - Teamspeak 3 server - Clan level 6 - multiple clan skills - have Royal Guard 1 - Active players (15-30 online) We Need: Players who can speak English (broken English is fine) =) Levels 52+ (players under 40 can join through academy and receive small financial help with 2nd prof.) Players who are interested in group play, so catacombs etc. Classes most needed: SWS, BD, WC, OL But recruitment open for all classes atm! Contact: CL: YouShouldGoAway RG captain: XayC 1 rank officer: MsKilljoy 1 rank officer: Sorcek Or leave a reply here :-)
  9. Hi Guys! We're a couple of players playing together since many years with expericence on some famous L2 servers and factoring clans. We start to play on this server as an archer's cp (competitive and PvP oriented) and looking for some active players. We require english speaking, Team Speak, nice personality and skill since we play to win. We prefer european players since even playing 15h/day is better to do duringthe same hours. To contact pm me in game on nick "bonq" or "JackDempsey" or send me a message on flashnox@gmail.com See you in the game.
  10. I played from open beta till awakening on official servers. Allways played Dominator. So I am kind of experienced. (and yes - still willing to play this class eventhough HE/Necro/whateverFOTM gives more killing abilities/fun)
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