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Discussion in 'Interlude х25' started by Kush, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Kush

    Kush Vagabond

    We can't store/retrieve enchants from WH because are stucked and it doesn't work....only 1 by 1 kinda annoying.
    if i press ok they will not be deposited only 1 by 1 and vice versa for taking from wh back
  2. Kush

    Kush Vagabond

    we got many eaa/eas/ewc and is so annoying to deposit/withraw from wh 1 by 1... on beta phase (first 1 or 2 days) enchants were stackable in inventory and not when we had to deposit them and was so fine but after 2 days weren't stackable anymore ... can't you guys make them back stackable only in inventory?
  3. LEX

    LEX Support Staff Member Support team

    Hello, Kush

    Our technical department know about this. Problem with enchants will be fixed today. :)
  4. Kush

    Kush Vagabond

    Great news ... damn so many fixes in such a short time. I hope your work guys would be apreaciated. Thank you :)
    We are proud to play here. Also noticed that seal sign ended , it shouldn't end friday according to the server's info?
  5. Kush

    Kush Vagabond

    oh I forgot to mention that we can't put buy shop more than 1 enchant/char, same problem they are stacking and it works only to put 1 but for selling them works fine, we can sell 5
  6. FrauFrau

    FrauFrau Goddess Staff Member Administrator

    Problem solved - update your game client please :)
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