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    Dear friends!

    Special for you we have prepared new unique achievement system! They were designed to ring the changes into the daily gameplay.

    • There will be 3 types of achievement from the start: LVL, PVP, PK.
    • The list of the achievements will be updated. At this moment full list is more then 200 different achievements.
    • User interface of such system is temporarily. Soon we will change it on more modern and good looking.
    • Rewards for every achievement has been designed to help to build your character. The list of the rewards will not be published on forum or any.
    Why the list of the rewards will not be published?
    Achievements - is a new gameplay that will entertain players, ring a changes into the default development of the character and that's why we want every player unlock it and find the reward by themselve. All further updates of the achievements rewards will not publish as well.
    There are also some hidden achievements that are not displayed in the achievements, however the will appear once you will unlock it by complete necessary conditions (blindly).

    Types of achievements:
    • One-time. For example: reach some level;
    • Repeatable: For example: be logged in for 1hour;
    • Hidden: For example when you... Noo, not this time ;)
    Rewards for the unlocking achievement:
    • Constant;
    • Random.
    To use such system - type .achiv in the ingame chat

    In following window you will find such information:

    1. Type of achievements;
    2. Amount of unlocked achievements;
    3. Achievemnet progress;
    4. Reward button.

    At this moment you can find:

    "LVL" achievments

    • Not Newbie anymore: reach 20 level
    • First steps have been done: reach 40 level
    • Challenge accepted: reach 52 level
    • Real adventure: reach 61 level
    • Second wind: reach 76 level
    • Time for new feat: reach 80 level
    • Sky is the limit: reach 85 level
    You can receive reward once you unlock the reward or later.

    PvP achievments
    • Bully: Get 10 PvP
    • Fighter: Get 50 PvP
    • Duelist: Get 100 PvP
    • Warrior: Get 250 PvP
    • Knight: Get 500 PvP
    • Samurai: Get 1000 PvP
    • Viking: Get 2500 PvP
    • Ares: Get 10000 PvP
    System is useing same counter as you regular PvP counter in character information.

    "PK" achievments
    • Executioner: Get 10 PK
    • Killer: Get 25 PK
    • Serial Killer: Get 50 PK
    • Psycho: Get 100 PK
    • Maniac: Get 250 PK
    • Ripper: Get 500 PK
    • Jack the Ripper: Get 1000 PK
    System is useing same counter as you regular PK counter in character information.
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