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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by pawelox01, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. pawelox01

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    Hi. I already do a post on facebook but I want to share with you all about my suggestion. I would love if you add different color text on chat, for example: Success spoil activated on mob with blue or yellow color on chat, critical hits with red color on chat.
    Currently the color of the chat is not very transparent. I often have to strain my eyes to read something
    I'm sure a lot of players would support my idea
  2. danin

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    Do it by yourself :)
    Download L2 File Edit and change info in systemmsg :) I recommed using some google for that because i am not expert in it.
  3. VHRtuba500

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    any Ready Systemmsg to download ?
  4. pawelox01

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    I search'd google to find out but I did not find any solutions. I saw out of date files for gracia final but links are dead
  5. VHRtuba500

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    i Find Systemmsg Color + Spoil/Drop +2 Extra Bars For Skills
  6. pawelox01

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    Can you share with me?

    BTW server down? I cant log in
  7. VHRtuba500

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