Arcadia LF Melee/Archer CP

Hello everybody

We, Arcadia, are looking for some melee/archer constant parties to join our clan.
We consist of a group of oldschool players who decided to make a Mage pack on this server.

We have been observing the clan policies around us and none of them seem to get our interest so we decided to expand our CP only clan.

What are our goals?
  • We want to enjoy the end-game content without 24/7 no-life 50+ drivers CP rules
What do we provide
  • A level 7 clan
  • Clanhall in Aden
  • Actively capturing fortresses, will fight for a castle with the proper amount of people
  • Activity mainly in the evening (19h-20h -> 00h - 01h)
How to contact us
  • Pm Takuto, Ellion, PAW
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