Attention! - Bonus Start is Today!

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    The Biggest Event From E-Global!
    Bonus Start: 19 May 10:00 (GMT+1) - 31 May 12:00 (GMT+1)

    This is the fresh wind for the server, which will allow all players make easiest start.
    Basically, with bonus start, we run advertise all over the European, USA, Brazil and Russia.
    And it has some special Updates.


    [​IMG] NG equipment!
    [​IMG] Coupons for D grade armor, weapon, jewelry
    [​IMG] Premium Rune (+30%) 3 days
    [​IMG] Bonus Rune (+15%) - 12 hours
    [​IMG] Set of scrolls buff(one)
    [​IMG] Exchange coupon for accessory
    [​IMG] Package ng and D soulshots on the magician and the warrior
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