[Auto Event] Dark Invasion!


Community manager
Dear friends!

The time forecasted by our fathers has come — it will be a great challenge both for the whole world and for each character separately. It is the last step on the way of gaining liberty or the final defeating which will mark the return of slave shackles and darkness hour of the gods. They are coming back and sending their dark servants by using a power of the ancient portals, thereby reminding the world about a past tyranny of powerful beings. And only you, Knights of Elmoreden, are able to give up on your differences and eliminate the evil from the portals and repel the invasion, prevent the destroying of such a beautiful and living world by the dark forces.
The invasion of the dark forces promises a great danger, but this risk is associated with the greatest reward. Our agents have found out that the messengers of the Ancient Gods can release huge reserves of energy during their death. This energy gifts to surrounding warriors different abilities for a long period of time.

Dark invasion is regular auto-event. During this event players have to fight monsters and raid bosses who came through dark portals in order to capture Elmoreden's world.

  • Event runs everyday on Evolution server.
  • The invasions are divided by levels and begin on a schedule. Only 55-80 level players can participate.
  • Begins at (GMT +2): 8:00 pm 55-65 lvl, 9:00 pm 60-70 lvl, 10:00 pm 65-75 lvl, 11:00 pm 70-80 lvl.
  • You can find Information about the portal's spawn place and the recommended levels of players in announcements chat window 10 minutes before the event.
  • Duration of battle VS monsters: 20 mins.
  • Time for killing Raid Boss: 20 mins.
  • Guaranteed: EXP, Vitality effects.
  • Drop from monsters: LS low and mid grade, Ivory coin.
  • Drop from Raid Boss: High and TOP grade LS, B- and A-grade weapons and armors, enchant scrolls.
Event plot:
10 minutes before the event informations about portal's spawn appears in Announce-chat. Players suitable levels have to gather at place and prepare for the battle.
Monsters start to appear several minutes after portal opening. This invasion lasts 20 mins. Raid Boss appears after 20 mins. All players have 20 mins to kill Raid Boss. If players fail to kill Raid Boss during 20 mins then portal disappears, there's no reward.
Players gain a lot of EXP and items by killing monsters. The main reaward is given after defeating Raid Boss.