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Dear friends!

Today we present to your attention the regular automatic "Team vs Team" event. It starts after today's restart and will be held daily. For participation in TvT players will receive a special currency - Ivory Coin, which can be spent on various useful items from NPC Pathfinder Worker.

Detailed description:
  • Type of tournament: Team vs. Team
  • How often: daily
  • When (GMT +2): 8 AM 61-75 lvl, 9 AM 76-85 lvl, 4 PM 61-75 lvl, 5 PM 76-85 lvl, 10 PM 61-75 lvl, 11 PM 76-85 lvl
  • Registration starts 5 minutes before the event start at Giran from TvT Manager NPC
  • Registration fee: free of charge
  • To obtain a buff, you need to have 5000 adena in inventory.
  • Duration of battle: 20 minutes
  • The winning team gets 50 Ivory Coin, and the losers get 10 Ivory Coin
  • You have to collect Ivory Coins from TvT Manager after the end of the event
Items for Ivory Coin from NPC Pathfinder Worker:
You can find there useful items for your character:


Consumables and items which can help you increase exping

What is the essence of the event?
One team must defeat as many enemies as possible. It guarantees the win.

Event description:
Event registration begins from the TvT Manager NPC 5 minutes before the event start. During the registration, players are randomly divided into two teams: Reds and Blues. All participants teleport to two closed rooms, where they have time to prepare to fight. They can use NPC buffs with skill level 1. The list of NPC manager' buffs changes. It depends on the remaining time until the end of the event. Players can invite members from their team to a party, use on them positive skills, heal and resurrect them during a fight.

After a while, players will be teleported to several different points on the arena of the Colosseum with a ten-second Celestial. The dead players will be moved to their waiting rooms, where they can reuse the services of the NPC buffer before teleporting to the arena. Dead players can be also resurrected by skills and with scrolls.

Event lasts 20 minutes. The team that gets the largest number of kills and, correspondingly, the least quantity of deaths, wins. The results of the fight are displayed in the chat. The prize is given to both teams, it must be collected from TvT Manager at Giran. Prizes will not be given if player makes a relog during the TvT or player was kicked out of the game with a critical error.