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Feb 24, 2016
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Quest Name: Bard's Mandolin
Min level: 15
Type: Daily

  • Agathion with Auto-loot for 3 hour
  • Quest available everyday
  • Quest cooldown - 6:30
  • Agathion is shadow item - 3 hour
  • Auto-loot actiovation: summon agathion > use agathion skill
Agathion screen

Start quest in any Town, talk to Panfinder Worker

1. Pathfinder Worker tells you about secret admirer of Musician Nanarin, wants to give her a rare and precious flute. He asks that you visit Trader Woodrow in Aden, an importer of flutes.

2. Woodrow explains that if you need an imported flute right away you should see Galion in Giran Harbor.

3 Take the flute you received to Swan in the Town of Dion.

4 After looking at the flute, Swan asks you to deliver it to Musician Nanarin along with his letter.

5. Tell Swan how Nanarin feels about him.
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