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Dec 25, 2013
Now, due to really huge advertising campaign, Averia.ws' x7 January opening is known in every CIS Lineage II community. Players and clans from all over the world are gathering to take part in the most massive Lineage II server start in history!


The concept of server is:
We have been working hard for 8 months and nowadays we are known as the largest and the most popular server of the year 2013!
Efficient technical support, regular updates, hundreds of contests and events, dynamic advertising campaign, high number of players online even half a year after opening - all of it is not just words for us! We've put our heart and energy into the development of this project and we proved it!

What exactly will be done before start?
We are planning to imitate the 20000 players online start at our private beta-testing and it's not just words as well, because the last 2 months we are testing and optimizing our server sources for the grand opening! I suppose no one will enjoy playing with lags, spikes etc. We will publish the video of this imitating so everyone can estimate how many people there will be. Our goal is to make your gaming experience comfortable and that's why we are going to set up dozens of proxies to establish a reliable network connection for you.

Main rates of Averia's new server:
Exp: x7
SP x7
Adena: x5
Drop: Chance x4
; Quantity х1
Spoil: Chance x1; Quantity х3
Quest Reward: x1
Quest Items: x2
Epaulettes: x2

Chat commands:
- to enable or disable an autoloot/stop experience gaining/disable traders/no carrier
.ping to help you choose an optimal proxy-server
.premium to check if your group members got Premium Accounts
- to enable offline trading
.clan - to give access to clan warehouse

What will be available to buy in Averia store?
Common low-rates items such as: accessories/cloaks (plus 50% to weight limit)/agations/pets (everlasting)/runes/consumables/haircuts.

What will be NOT available to buy in Averia store?
Weapons, armor, jewerly, enchant scrolls, attributes etc.

Yes, starting with 40 level of your character
Yes and this is surely most optimal way due to payment system can possibly be overloaded at the opening.
Yes, it will be available.

The cost is
30 Avers for 1 day of Premium account
70 Avers for 3 day of Premium account
120 Avers for 7 day of Premium account
220 Avers for 14 day of Premium account
320 Avers for 30 day of Premium account
520 Avers for 60 day of Premium account
In addition you get an agation as a small gift.

Premium account bonuses:
Exp + 50%
SP + 50%
Adena + 40%
Drop +40%
Spoil +80%
Increase of weight limit +25%
Epaulettes drop chance +25%
Craft success chance increase +12% (If you OR your crafter own PA the chance inreases by 12% but if you both own PA the chance won't go up to 24% and stays constant.
Rare item crafting chance increases by 30% ( 3% by default, 4% for PA owners)
Standart: TvT / LastHero / Coffer of Shadows
March 9, 2014
1 profession: 40 Avers or by completing a quest.
2 profession: 100 Avers or an alternate quest for 3 000 000 adena
3 profession: Only quest
You can get it only by completing appropriate quests.
Olympiad stars at the 1st of March, heroes are defined every month.
It happens 3 times a week as usual.
Right after you reach level 20
Yes, by 80
April 1, 2014
Yes, for every player.
Yes and they will cost 250 Avers each. They are everlasting, do not starve and you can't trade them as well.
Nope, players will open it themselves.
We got 2 months before the opening and forum is very active right now. It's hard to predict what will happen in February, therefore you should consider about 2 windows limit, but probably we will have to decrease limit to only one window.
Avers are included in Raid Bosses' drop. RB drops Avers if it is level 40 or below.

Project features:
  • Dances/Songs last for 3 minutes
  • Premium pets are everlasting
  • .km-all-to-me command is disabled
  • Trade zone can be found in Giran Harbor and Parnassus (easy of access in Alt+B menu)
  • Macros work fine (cooldown can be reduced)
  • 7 raid bosses: only the party which performed a finishing blow gets quest items.
  • Real money trading and/or using third-party sowtware lead to permanent ban with no possibility to unban.
  • Procuring somebody's goods fraudulently leads to ban as well.
  • Breaking forum rules continuoulsy can also be turned into game account blocking.
  • Game characters trading, as well as account trading, is forbidden.
  • Players are not allowed to offer driver service (nevertheless you can look for a driver). To make sure everyone gets this clearly - a driver is a person who levels your character up for a reward to save you some time.
We use one of the best java-assemblage for our game server.
You may always be confident it the future while staying with us!
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