[IL] Battle Pass


Public Relations
Aug 1, 2016

Dear friends!

As we all know beauty will save the world :)
Inspired by this simple logic, we have developed and glad to announce the system of Battle Pass, which will allow you to make a visual customization of your character to become truly unique.

At this moment BP store will provide you with costumes, mounts, hats and can change the look of your Cloak.
All of that and many more you can find at NPC Battle Pass Manager Eve.

Please note! Assortment of the Battle Pass Store will change every week! Do not miss your chance to get unique visual customization of your character that you like the most. But don't be upset if you didn't collect requaired amount of Battle Coins\Pieces in time - all of the assortment is just great ;)

You will need
Lineage 2 Battle Pass. to receive an access to the Battle Pass Store
Moreover it will increase the amount of dropping Battle Piece and Battle Coins in two times!

Also we want to mention, that costumes will apply on your charecter without removing your equipment, so you can enjoy of the new unique look of your character without loosing your battle characteristics.
But if you simply don't like the way of other characters look or it change your gameplay (for example on the Olympiad) - we've created special commands that can disable the other characters customization (you will not see the costumes on other characters, but yours). It will be noted at the end of the post.

You can purchase the Battle Pass at your CP (20 Family Coins) or via game at NPC Battle Pass Manager Eve (25 Family Coins).
Item is timeless, so you will join the club - you will remain as a member forever :)

Once again - assortment (options and the items themselves, for example costumes) will be updated every week!

Main rule of Battle Pass - Looking good, feeling good ;)

PS: To turn on\off the visual of the costumes you can use commands:
.visualequip on
.visualequip off