Bonus for Clan Leaders - Gracia Final x3!

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Dear friends!

If you are a Leader of a Clan and you going to start on upcoming Gracia Final x3 - this information os just for you!
All you need is to create your Clan-thread before the server start and make it look good (add some screenshots, movies, let everybody know your goals on the server etc) and send it to the admin in personal message.

In return the Leader of the Clan will receive ingame mount!


  • Create and perform a thread in recruit section (before server start);
  • Send it to the admin (press) and your Clan will be added to the Clan block at the main page of the forum;
  • Your clan must have at least 20 players (real players);
  • Once your clan will fit all criteria - create a ticket in your CP "Bonus for Clan Leader";
  • You will be awarded during 3 days from the server start\ticket creation.

PS: All clans that already on the board - taking part in this event.
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