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Aug 1, 2016
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Dear friends!

You've mist Grand Opening and now don't know what you going to do? Don't worry, we have some good news! Specia for you we have prepared new event on Gracia Final x3 - Bonus Start, which will take place starting from September 30, at 17:00 (CEST). It's a good chance to start on the new Evolution server or re-start with a new character!

Useful information:
We have created best comfort conditions to start on our server special for you:
  • Starter packages, which will help you in development of your character. Items will be added to 1st character on the new account. More details below;
  • Re-worked rewards for Achievements for level 20, 40 adn 52. Such rewards will help you in exping;
  • New 5th daily quest has been added. You will receive special coins that you can spend in special store for useful items;
  • Adena reward has been increased до to x2 for all quests, exept 3rd class transfer. It will help you to get yourself 1, 2 professtion or C-Grade equipment;
  • Amount of boxes has been increased to 5, every PA will give you an extra box, but not more thatn 9.
  • 50% discount in your Control Panel on "Unique Family’s Ancestral Treasure" package.
Starter gifts:
*items will be added on 1st character on new account.

  • Premium Account. +50% Exp/Sp/Adena/Drop/Spoil for 12h.
  • Family NG equipment - Package of NG-Grade equipment that will fit your class (for 30 days). Can be opened only before 1st class transfer.
  • Family D-Grade equipment - Package of D-Grade equipment that will fit your class (for 30 days). Can be opened only after 1st class transfer.
  • Soulshots NG (x3000);
  • Spiritshots NG (x2000);
  • Soulshot D-grade (x3000);
  • Blessed SpiritShot D-grade (x2000);
  • Greater Healing Potion (x50);
  • Lucky Four-leaf Clover (for 1-61 Levels) - You can receive accessory that you will restore your vitality. Test your luck. Can not be traded, droped etc.

Meanwhile we also recommend to read following threads to find out all features of the server:
Dear friends, we are very appreciate for your vote of confidence and support. All current players will be also provided with some bonus:

  • Rune of Experience Points 30% 5-hour limited period
  • Rune will be added to characters inventory once that will log in. You can receive it in duration of September 30 to October 1, until 23:00 (CEST).
A bit of interesting statistics:
  • Grand Opening - September 10. Average online 4 500 players. On weekend: ~5 000.
  • Registered accounts - 25 050.
  • Online is mostly of uniqe players. % of boxes and traders is not that big.
  • There are not players with 3rd party software. We watch very closely on this matter.
  • There are players from all over the world playing on our server, such as: almost all europe, north and south America and even Asia (especially China).
  • Average level of players: 54, top level - 83. Players with 3rd profession - 723, with sub-class - 166, Noblesses - 28.
  • Most server's online is solo players, small groups and clans.
  • Clans: 1 lvl - 73, 2 lvl - 9, 3 lvl - 80, 4 lvl - 21, 5 lvl - 48, 6 lvl - 15, 7 lvl - 5, 8 lvl - 1. Alliance - 35.
  • 3 most common professions: Bounty Hunter, Blade Dancer and Warcryer.
  • Race statistics: Kamaels 6.89%, Orcs 11.26%, Humans 19.76%, Dark Elfs 15.78%, Elfs в 14.35%, Dwarfs 16.17%.
  • Once you start on our server - you can find any company that you would like and useful system of "party looking" will help you with this.
Bonus start - it's like grand opening, but even better! Come and check by yourself or come with your friends. We hope you will enjoy an awesome world of E-Volution Gracia Final x3.

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