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    Hello, dear friend!
    Are you tired of roaming the servers? Late for our start?
    Are you afraid to start, because everyone has already riched high levels and you won't be able to catch up on them?

    Clear your mind of doubts! Especially for you we prepared a Bonus Start!
    From May 12 all new characters will receive useful and tasty bonuses,
    which will help to level up your character to 3nd profession faster and to join the great game.

    Bonus start will begin after the morning restart on May 12.
    Be sure to update the game client! Updater and patches can be downloaded from our website
    What will new players get?
    • Healing Potions
    • Elixirs
    • Discount coupon
    • Global Rune for 3 days
    • Items for replenishing and maintaining Vitality
    • Temporary accessory with a Vitality buff
    • Temporary weapon C-B-A grade with SA (for 10 days)
    Why do I need a discount coupon?
    Coupon can be spent on purchases with a perceived discount in a special section of the E-Store
    • Box with Sweet Fruit Cocktails (x10) - 9 E-Coin + coupon
    • Box with Fresh Fruit Cocktails (x10) - 9 E-Coin + coupon
    • Box with Vitality Replenishing Potion (х7) - 19 E-Coin + coupon
    • Box with Vitality Maintaining Potion (х7) - 14 E-Coin + coupon
    • Birthday Cakes 24 hours - 35 E-Coin + coupon
    • Box with Birthday Cakes (x5) - 175 E-Coin + coupon
    • Global Rune 12 hours - 1 E-Coin + coupon
    • Global Rune 3 days - 15 E-Coin + coupon
    • Global Rune 7 days - 25 E-Coin + coupon
    • Infinity Global Rune - 185 E-Coin + coupon
    • Crystal Form Rune 6 hours (5 lvl) - 1 E-Coin + coupon
    • Infinity Crystal Form Rune (7 lvl) - 65 E-Coin + coupon
    Good luck and have a nice game!
    With love, the E-Global team :heart:
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    Bonus Start has being extended indefinitely!

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