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Sep 5, 2016

Brief view at the event:
  1. You just need to run your stream and make a content. (If you streaming your walls or Giran for "20 hours" - you lose);
  2. We will provide you a banner with special bonus code, which will help to attract new audience;
  3. You will guaranteed receive a Ivory Coins as reward;
  4. Everyone who will participate will receive 30$ for participating.
  • Box with Rune of Experience Points 30% 5-hour limited period
  • Box with Rune of Experience Points 50% 5-hour limited period
  • Lucky Four-leaf Clover (for 1-61 Levels)
  • Lucky Four-leaf Clover (for 1-78 Levels)
  • Top B-grade (5-hour limited period)
  • Top A-grade (5-hour limited period)
  • Dimensional Diamond
  • Offline trade Scroll
  • Spirit / Soul Ores / Energy Stones (x100)
  • Battle / Magic Symbol / Summoning Crystal / Einhasad's Holy Water
  • Charm of Courage: S grade
  • Elixir of CP: S grade
  • Food for Pets (x10)
  • Beast Soulshot / Blessed Beast Spiritshot (x1000)
  • Scroll: Recovery (Grade C/B/A/S)
  • Scrolls of Escape / Resurrection
  • Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall / Castle
  • Instant Haste Potion
  • Full Bottle of Souls
  • Capture Rope
  • Ballista Bomb
  • Strategy Guide

Interested? Keep learning :)
Duration of the event:
  • You can take part by making a request at this thread - from 18 to 24 October;
  • Create a thread at recruitment section with mentioning that you are going to play and stream on our server - from 18 to 24 October;
  • Duration of the event - from 18 to 24 October;
  • Money reward - 3 November.
During the event staff member will check your streams (during the live broadcast as well as VODs).

Requirements for participants:
  1. Broadcast:
    1. Minimum 5 hours of general duration of stream during the OBT;
    2. Minimum 30 hours of general duration of stream during the live server.
  2. Banner:
    1. Before the Grand Opening (OBT): You need to have special banner at your stream (on your stream and under your channel) - LINK
    2. After the server opening: At the stream description you will need to place new banner with special bonus-code which we will send via Personal Message once you will take part at the event.
  3. How to activate VODs - (find more);
  4. Your stream name must contain the name of our project -;
  5. You need to have a post in this thread with a link to your channel;
  6. Create a thread in recruitment section with an information that you going to stream and play on our server (solo or with group);
  7. During the stream (including the speach, banner on straem or under the stream) should not be not mentioned any other servers\project as well as service of "real money trade";
  8. There should not be any inappropriate insults of Administrations or\and itself;
  9. If any following rule or requirement has not been met - you will be automaticaly disqualification from the list (as a participent).
Useful information: Money prize will receive every streamer that has met the requirement and has a 1000 follower. Streamers that has met all requirement but has NOT make necessary amount of stream hours - will receive only ingame prices.

Rewards and it's delivery:
  1. All streamers, that has met all requirement (all rules and requirements, such as general duration of the stream) will receive Ivory Coins and money prize (in case if you have 1000 followers);
  2. Amount of Ivory Coins that you will earn depends on amount and duration of your stream, amount of weivers, subscribers and followers, the way you make your content, visual part, it's uniqueness and the content itself. Regular coefficient 3 min = 1 Ivory Coin;
  3. First Ivory Coins you can receive at 29 of October (after 3 days of the server opening). You will receive a bonus-code via Personal Message at the forum. At this moment the minimum amount of hours at your stream should be at least 6;
  4. Second time you will receive Ivory Coins at 2 of November (after 7 days from the server opening). At this moment the minimum amount of hours at your stream should be at least 18;
  5. Money reward you will receive at 3 of November (after the streams will be checked);
  6. The time of the stream when you stream the wall, afk mode, Giran etc - will not count.
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