Can't connect HF X5

Discussion in 'HF x5' started by Pimouss, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Pimouss

    Pimouss Vagabond

    After many try can't connect to the server
  2. Pimouss

    Pimouss Vagabond

  3. musi34

    musi34 Not approved

    Hello, i can't connect too. Same problem and same message.
  4. Pimouss

    Pimouss Vagabond

    connection still impossible to server
  5. Tomke

    Tomke Not approved

    Can't connect still on H5 server !!
  6. Pimouss

    Pimouss Vagabond

    It work !!! Thank's !!
  7. LEX

    LEX Support Staff Member Support team

    There were temporary problems with the server. Everything is working stable now.
    Have a nice game

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