Colored damage, etc.

Discussion in 'Manuals and Guides' started by Scone, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Scone

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  2. already have, but thanks, does treasure chest patch work here too?
  3. Rigelman

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  4. TheDominator

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  5. Scone

    Scone Vassal

    Well, as i saw there are treasure boxes and junk boxes, so they are separated already. Is this what you ask?
  6. i havent checked yet, but im amazing if they did that ;O
  7. IRLimtheboss

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  8. DanteOo

    DanteOo Vagabond

    And do U have some cooldown timers on skillz there also? Or just a colored chat?
  9. Scone

    Scone Vassal

    chat only.
  10. Siemano

    Siemano Vagabond

    Can someone refresh link? That will be really nice :aws:
  11. Orangebudha

    Orangebudha Vagabond

    Hello I can't the file it says not found etc can u give link again, ty
  12. Horo

    Horo Vagabond

    Lf npcname

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