Command .auto - Automatic potions


Jun 18, 2013
We understand that many of you preffer classic pvp fights and you're against any softwares that might be an big factor for game mechanics and balance, thats why we decided to create this announce, if you read this thread till the end, you will understand why we decided it.

Right now we actively testing our new protection against any 3rd party softwares, this anti-cheat is developed only by team. For now we will use our old protection "LameGuard" for couple of days (untill we finish), and that's why we wanted to test our .auto command, so players can forget about clicking on HP/MP/CP potions ( ofc you will need to have the potions in your inventory, you just dont need to click them anymore), same way as you use soulshots.

Some of the reasons, why we decided to create this command:
  1. This is PvP server and everyone one of you felt that for hundreads of times, either you click on HP potion or have it's done automated, there is no difference, except it will make your game more comfortable.
  2. It's not secret, that there are Softwares that works (For now, untill we finished our own Gameguard) on our project, that automates using HP / MP / CP , same way they create huge disbalance on server between players who uses this software and players who does not. There is an situation, when 2 players having same stats, level, skill and boost, player who uses the 3rd party software has higher chance to win.
  3. This automated project will be launched for 7 days, after that we will make an global voting, where every player can vote if they want to keep .auto command or not, after that we will take an action.
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