Discussion: Alternative Noblesse Blessing skill and the way to get it

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Adding of the Alternative Noblesse Blessing skill.

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  1. Luke

    Luke Viscount Staff Member Administrator

    In this Tthread we are suggesting to discuss adding new Alternative Noblesse Blessing skill.

    Not everyone wants to get a noblesse status and complete a long quest could be a hard task for players. Mostly because of the last stage with Barakiel boss. However the Noblesse Blessing - very useful skill.

    So we want to discuss with you a possibility of adding the Alternative Noblesse Blessing skill.
    Each character could learn an Alternative Noblesse Blessing skill in his class-guild.
    Features of this skill:
    - To learn an Alternative Noblesse Blessing skill you would need to have a 1000 Imperial Tomb Relics;
    - Imperial Tomb Relics you can get from the from the mobs in Imperial Tomb location;
    - It could be used ONLY on your character (no need to pick a target on yourself);
    - Spirit Ore is not required.
    * Learning this skill in not provide you with a Noblesse status, which means that you can't participate in Olympiad Games and use the Noblesse teleport at Gatekeeper.

    Move to the announcement of Interlude x25.
    Move to the Interlude x25 server description
    (will be announced 23th December).
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  2. eurodollar

    eurodollar Vassal

    No, just no...
  3. Lord Omka

    Lord Omka Vagabond

    You can make alternative Nobless RB inside of some pvp-zone. Clans can fight for this RB, it will be a good fun.
  4. Nicotina

    Nicotina Vagabond

    Hell no!

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