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    Dear friends, it's time to learn more about assortment of the Shop and Services that we prepared for you on the new Gracia Final x7 server
    Services of CP
    • Changing of Character and Clan name (without symbols)
    • Changing of Character Sex
    • Changing the colors of name and title
    • Removing the Chat blocking.
    • Transfering the Character to another account
    Ingame Shop items


    In the Game Shop you can find all items that we can offer to you. You can find the NPC E-Store in every town near the Gatekeeper.
    • Soul/spirit shots D-S grade
    • Potion, elixir, cocktail
    • L2Day - Scroll Buff
    • Dualsword Craft Stamp
    • Soul Crystal
    • Clan items
    • Dye
    • Weapons, armors and jewelry C/B grade
    • Weight limit, inventory slots, warehouse, private store expansion books.
    • Pets
    • Premium and Bonus Runes
    • Items to restore and holding the vitality level.
    • Accessories and Agathions
    Full description of Shop and Services with the prices going to be announced at September 3th
    Please note that the list can be changed before server starts
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