Donation. Discounts and bonuses in the Control Panel

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Mar 5, 2016
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Replenishment of Control Panel balance
Your account in Control Panel is one for every server of our project.

In order to replenish the balance, you should follow these steps:
  1. Press the "Donate" button in your Control Panel
  2. Choose the payment system.All the possible ways for every payment system are shown on the buttons.
  3. Enter the number of Family Coins, you are willing to get.
  4. Press the "Confirm the operation" button and you're going straight to the payment system.
  5. After the donation, you can see the amount of money in the right upper corner. To update the information, press the balance. Pay attention that the speed of transaction of Family Coins depends on the operation speed of your bank/any other payment consignor. Usually, it takes several minutes, but there are cases when it could take up to 24 hours. If you haven't got Family Coins in 24 hours, please, feel free to contact our Support Service, they are sure to solve your problem.

Transfer Family Coins to the game.
To transfer Family Coins to the game, follow these steps:
  1. Choose the server (It is displayed in the left upper corner)
  2. Press the "Transfer Family Coins to the game" button
  3. Enter the amount of needed Family Coins, as well as the game account, character, and PIN-CODE. Press the button!
  4. If you forget the PIN-CODE, you can recover it with the service on the main page in Control Panel.
Pay attention that already transferred Family Coins can't be used in Control Panel as payment for goods and services!

Bonuses and discounts.
You can get bonus coins (the amount depends on the amount of one-time donation).

E.g.: single donation for 200 Family Coin gives additional 2 bonus Family Coin.

Also, we have a cumulative discount. All the donations influence on your Total Balance. The more the Total Balance is - the bigger discount you get. You can see the line of 10 levels at the top of the Balance page. If you are playing on our service regularly, using the same Master Account, you can get a proper benefit in perspective.

From 0 to 499 Total Balance - 0%
From 500 to 999 Total Balance - 3%
From 1000 to 2999 Total Balance - 4%
From 3000 to 4999 Total Balance - 5%
From 5000 to 9999 Total Balance - 10%
From 10 000 to 14 999 Total Balance - 12%
From 15 000 to 19 999 Total Balance - 13%
From 20 000 to 49 999 Total Balance - 14%
From 50 000 and more - 15%
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