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    Dear Friends!

    We invite you to take part in the contest of drawings by items. Theme of the competition: a scary-merry holiday - Halloween! Unite and create your masterpieces using any game items.

    Important information:
    • Event period: October 27 - November 5 inclusive.
    • Create a picture via game items on the theme of Halloween.
    • Upload your images that are not processed in the image editor.
    • Screenshots can be downloaded here, and then attached to the post in this thread. The example below.
    • Each participant may submit only one work.
    • Hide the interface via Alt+H command (panels, chat, etc.).
    • The rules of the forum are in force, the works that violate them will be deleted.
    • Spent on the ground time for items that were thrown by the player was increased up to 3 hours (for the period of the drawing competition by items).
    Prizes for winners:
    1st place
    - 100 FC
    2nd place - PA for 30 days
    3rd place - Any accessory to choose from

    If there are more than 20 participants, additional prizes will be played!
    Namely, Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-grade) 2 pc.

    What is meant by "Drawings using the items"?
    Drawings using the items - this is an image on the ground that the player creates via various inventory items.


    How to insert a picture in a message?
    Download the image to klikr.org, and then insert a link to a picture in a message by using this buttons -
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