Eva Saint PvP Farm spots & epic @ Gracia x3

Discussion in 'Media' started by SiTzei, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. SiTzei

    SiTzei Vagabond

    Have Fun Enjoy :)

    ps: this video is about fun of the game and not a way to troll flame enemies hf :)
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  2. Advance

    Advance Grand Duke

    pvp starts at 1:10
    ee came from AFK at 1:25
    no RS. no mental. but gf. i think its near 50:2 now :panda_lol:
    i think i'll create some daily movie soon too.
  3. MyBluntInUrFace

    MyBluntInUrFace Count Best tester

    this moment...when no fog @ movie :peka:
  4. Medovyi

    Medovyi Knight

    хилер с 13фпс :redlol::redlol::redlol::redlol:
  5. SeverSSS

    SeverSSS Knight

    мои глаза...
  6. SiTzei

    SiTzei Vagabond

    new week new highlight fraps no flame no negative attitude nobody said i am god have fun and enjoy :)
  7. petacas

    petacas Not approved

    best elder yugoslavia 2020

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