Event - "Change of Heart"


18 Июн 2013
How many excellent works and poems written about love? How many songs dedicated to this feeling that's beyond time and distance? It is terrible to imagine, as lovers sometimes able to do beautiful and terrible things. But even more insane they become when trying to return the love. The heart takes the mind under control and we can only hope that the lovers will rediscover each other.

We offer our players to help in every way just such a pair, which is now experiencing not the best times. Great Magus Ahuron Raulian through faithful helpers trying to regain the recognition of his lover after a terrible quarrel, giving her his heart in a sign of pure and sincere love. Each of you can do your part to reunite these two lovers.

During the opening event with all the monsters of the game world will knock a heart shard. Collecting 9 different fragments you will need to refer them to one of the Ahuron's assistants that will be waiting for you in the city.
In gratitude you will be given the opportunity to receive a special award. But because assistants are very cunning creatures, they refuse to give it away for free. In order to obtain the promised prize, you will have to play with them in a simple but very entertaining game - Rock-Scissors-Paper. Pretty simple, but at the same time fascinating and addictive game. Someone may not agree with this, however the more wins you do, then more valuable will be your reward. So be careful and know when to stop, otherwise you can be left with nothing.

The game rules are very simple. There are three options to select: Stone, Paper or Scissors.

  • Stone breaks Scissors
  • Scissors cut Paper
  • Paper covers Stone
You and the assistant simultaneously make their choice. And who is stronger and wins.
As has been said your prize depends on the number of wins made in a row.

  • 1 Win:
    10 Random Potions
  • 2 Wins:
    10 Quick Healing Potions
  • 3 Wins:
    5 Attribute Stones
  • 4 Wins:
    5 Attribute Crystals
  • 5 Wins:
    5 Giant Codex
  • 6 Wins:
    5 Giant Codex - Mastery
  • 7 Wins:
    4 Blessed Scrolls: Enchant Armor (S-grade)
  • 8 Wins:
    1 Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-grade)
  • 9 Wins:
    1 Random Suit
  • 10 Wins:
    1 Soul Crystal 16 level
If you lose, do not particularly upset, because everyone who helps her lover to be together again, will get the reward.

The event was launched at 05:00 (GMT+3) 07.08.2017 and will last untill 05:00 (GMT+3) 12.08.2017.
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