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The Fall Harvest!

Since Gardener Fordson first gathered a rich crop of magical seeds, magical pumpkins have become the favorite vegetables of the inhabitants of Aden and Gracia. And, of course, the owner of the garden gladly shares the harvest with all those who wish.

After such a rich summer harvest, Fordson began to improve the seeds. He chose a magical pumpkin for the autumn season. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of seeds, but pollen is needed to grow a pumpkin.

After Gardener Fordson a successful summer crop of squash and popular demand from adventurers who enjoy collecting pollen, Gardener Fordson has decided to grow more squash for the fall season. This time, Gardener Fordson has invested in new and improved magical seeds, and needs more pollen to successfully harvest his crop. Puss the Cat is coming to the villages of Aden and Elmore, faithful as ever, to recruit some help gathering pollen to reap the fall harvest.

On the occasion of the holiday, we decorated the Giran town and launch a squash event for you. We invite you to collect autumn squash harvest!
  • Duration time: from October 27, till November 10
  • Event will start afetr the server restart
  • NPC will remain in the game until the morning restart on November 14.
  • Be sure to update your game files via updater! Without an update, you will not be able to fully participate in the game events.
  • Seeds and nectar will be deleted at the end of event.
  • Among the awards: elixirs, crystals, potions, soul crystals, enchant scrolls.
Event description:
"The Fall Harvest"
- it's the event where you need to hunt the monsters in order to collect the precious Nectar to grow the squash. You can get pollen by killing a monster with a level equal to yours.
Remember, to get the most valuable reward you will have to try hard and grow the largest and ripe squash. The larger and more fresh squash will be, the more valuable reward you can get. Also bear in mind that the larger the squash, the greater her health. To collect the harvest from a large squash you will need the help of friends.

To grow the squash you will need seeds and pollen, which you can collect from the monsters all over the Elmoreden territory. Pollen is exchanged for the squash seeds (necessary for summoning a squash), and for some special items that you would need to harvest squash.

You can get pollen from the mobs you killed about the same level as you. Change the stock of pollen from the Cat to the enchanted seeds, and grow your own magic squash.
After planting the seed, feed the Young Squash with pollen to make it grow. Then you must break it, and then you will receive your reward. If you hit the squash before it finally grows up, she will wither from lack of fertilizer, so be careful! As soon as the squash starts to tremble, try to open it before it disappears.
Large squashes can not be opened with ordinary weapons. It is necessary to use Souvenir Weapons. And remember - to break the Large Squash before it disappears, many people will be needed.
Souvenir weapons can be obtained from Buzz the Cat in exchange for pollen.

Buzz the Cat
event manager is located in all the main towns and villages of Elmoreden.
You can get from him squash seeds and special items in exchange for pollen:

At the same time in Giran can find NPC Witch, from whom you can receive blessings and an occasional reward. Read more

Have a good hunting! ;)
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