[IL] Event - True Jedi


Public Relations
Aug 1, 2016

Dear friends!
Not that long time ago (one week ago, May, 4th
) world was was celebrating the day of one of the famous franchise - Star Wars.
We also decided to make a (series of) event(s) in this regard!

Starting from 11 to 20 May you can drop from the mobs special Herbs, that will change a look of your weapon and Force will improve your character with:
  • +15% PvE dmg;
  • +15% HP and MP;
  • Duration: 30 min;
  • Will not be removed at instance zones.
In case if you are farming the location without drop of Herbs - don't worry, you can find special NPC Master Kota at Giran Catle Town, which will offer you to purchase a time-limited item - Potion (24h lifetime), which will provide your character with the 30 mins buff. But if you are going to farm deep in the catacombs for a long time and 1 potion is not an option for you - you can purchase a Package with 5 pots, with one week lifetime.

Good luck and May the Force be with You!

PS: Please note! You will need to use Launcher\Updater to see all items and event in general.