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    New year - new events! ;)
    We've gathered all info regarding upcoming events that are going to take place on Gracia Final x7 in near future.

    Date / Time
    Every day at 15:00, 19:00, 21:00 CET / GMT +1 (after 21 january)
    Terms and conditions
    4 category of players can participate at this event, depending on their level (40-55, 56-68, 69-76, 77-85)
    More details about this event


    Date / Time
    Every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday at 20.00 CET / GMT +1

    Terms and conditions
    NPC will ask you to hunt rabbits and take away their beads and pendants that were stolen by treacherous animal.

    More details about this event
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  2. FrauFrau

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    //upd Calendar updated from February
  3. kapi

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    The link to the specific topic about Dark Invasion is only for RU version, not like for CtF event where u can switch between RU/EN ;-)
  4. FrauFrau

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    I'll fix it now)
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  5. kapi

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    Still not workin :) and in the EN topic about the Dark Invasion, it says, that Invasion should happen at Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and here it says only Friday and Sunday. I assume u cut the Wednesday one, since this Wednesday there was no Invasion? If so, u should correct the info in the specific topic as well ;-)
  6. LEX

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    Invasion will be held on Fridays and Sundays!
  7. EarlGrey

    EarlGrey Vagabond

    Still no rates bonus...
  8. trolya

    trolya Magic people voodoo people oO, Staff Member Support team

    The double rates were implemented intime as was announced earlier.

    Lets take for example Doom Knigth 65 lvl, and kill him with the 65 lvl character with a full vitality.
    According to Linedia database basic experience for killing this mob is 8 649
    472 261/3 = 157 420 (exp without vitality, only rune and double rates)
    157 420/1,25 = 125 936 (exp without rune, only double rates)
    125 936/8 649 = 14,56 - that's the rates by which we multiply a basic experience for killing this mob

    Taking into account that a basic rate for exp is x7 (according to the server concept), we figure out that the rate for this weekend is х14
    So everything works properly.
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  9. FrauFrau

    FrauFrau Goddess

    //upd Calendar updated from March
  10. trolya

    trolya Magic people voodoo people oO, Staff Member Support team

    Information about Dark Invasion event.
    Due to the fact that GM, which carried out the Invasions, is now occupied by more pressing problems, we had to refuse to perform this game event. We know that this is a popular and beloved event, but in the next few weeks we do not have the opportunity to conduct it. We bring our apologies :(
    Automatic events will work in the same mode, and in the second half of April we will launch event with Medals. You can offer rewards that you would be interested in ;)
  11. kapi

    kapi Knight

    awww he cant spend half an hour for the event? damn u work him like a slave, poor guy :(
  12. trolya

    trolya Magic people voodoo people oO, Staff Member Support team

    Unfortunately, he can't. He is involved in other urgent issues and preparetions for the next few weeks :(

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