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Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform you that on December, the 27th the Gracia Final server evolves into the Gracia Epilogue!
This is the most awaited moment, obviously. So, our specialists have done a great job and they gave us all the best gift for the New Year! Let's thank them for this
You will be able to connect to Test server on December, the 25th.

Important information:
  • 12/25/2017 at 10 am GMT+2 we open access to the Test server. You have to try new chronicles and see some changes.
  • We strongly recommend that you visit an open Test of the chronicles. You can help our technical specialists to exclude possible startup errors and minor bugs.
  • 12/27/2017 at 10 am GMT+2 is the official transfer Gracia Final -> Gracia Epilogue. All details about server shutdown will be added later. Also we will announce when it starts.
  • All players without exceptions must download all the necessary files. The game client is available from the link.
  • Details of the chronicles of Gracia Epilogue: Goha

Additional changes:
We have prepared for you several changes which are aimed on improving the conditions of the game:
  • The Epic Raid-Boss Valakas has been weakened: Its HP, Attack and Defence parameters were reduced;
  • Reuse delay of "Valakas's Mass fear" was increased;
  • The drop from RB Tiat was improved: Icarus weapons' drop chanse=100%, Vesper weapons' drop chance=70% , the spellbooks' drop chance was increased too.
All active players of the server get a gift:
Woolen souvenir - A warm cozy hat for Each player of the Gracia Final chronicles. It warms you up on cold winter evenings. A personal itemе.

What are the next steps? Evolution is unstoppable!

We start new advertising campaign designed to attract attention of new players. Also we organize e-mail new audience and return the old one. We organize email-notifications for old players. After server starts you will be able to take a part in new promotions. We will create comfortable gameplay for solo-players and clans.

Let's play Evolution x3 Gracia Epilogue! Share it with your friends! Let everyone know about the Evolution!

You can ask questions here.
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You can download patched client now. It is available by link in the first message in topic.
The open Test-server starts 12/25/17 at 10 am GMT+2


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Support team
Dear friends!
Please make sure that you already prepared to the chronicle upgrade, and downloaded Gracia Epilogue game files!

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