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Aug 27, 2013
Frequently asked questions
1.Basic questions
1.1 When was the project opened?
It was opened in April 2013, the first server started on the 5th of June 2013.
1.2. Who are the stuff members?
1.3 On which platform are based the servers?
1.4 What is the frequency for updating?
Every 48 hours, more often in critical cases.
1.5 What are our achievements?
Three very successful servers x7, x55 and of course hot x15 ^^
x50 opened in June 2013 had very high online for more than year. It was successfully associated with x55. Also x5 opened in July 2013 was united with the new x7.
There is an energetic life at our servers-amazing events and exiting sieges. Moreover, GvG tournaments with real-money prizes take place regularly. We do our best to make your game process unforgetable and enjoyable

1.6 What about prospects?
We are opening new x70 long-term server with the class-balanced system. And new events and new competitions are waiting for you!
2. Project features
2.1 What special bonuses Averia offer?
  • Avers for killing RB <40 lvl
  • Special Averia Wedding withan amazing ceremony and unique rings
  • Averia points -you earn it for being online and then can buy special items
2.2 Which commands can I use in the game?
.whoaim – information about rates/stats
.premium – cheking premium account
.ping – choosing apt server with the lowest ping
.mammon – mammon`s location
.hellbound – Hellbound level
.offline – offline trade
.talisman – uniting talismans

2.3 Is the selling items/characters with real money allowed?
No. In such cases all your accounts will be banned without possibility of unblocking .

2.4 Is the selling\exchanging of characters with adena allowed?
No. Your character will be blocked if you try to do that.

2.5 What bonuses do premium account(PA) give?
SP + 50%
Adena + 50%
Drop +60%
Spoil +60%

Epaulettes drop increase+50%
Chance of successful craft increase +12% (If a dwarf, who creates an item for you, has PA or you have PA, your chance increases +12%, if you both have PA, the chance is the same)

2.6 If not every party has PA, how will it be distributed?
In this case it will be distributed equally.
3.Cheating and illegal software
Our team`s attitude to any cheating actions is extremely negative.
If a player lodge a complaint against you and he have proofs of your fault, all you accounts will be banned without possibility of unblocking.
We don`t realize returning items to players.
If you think, that your actions are not swindling, we make it more precise:
  • Situations of the next kind: You promise a player to give him something extremely valuable/or just valuable instead of some his items. He believes you and then you disappear.
  • Deceiving with using mail
  • Illegal access to an account
  • Other actions
Party recall and refusal of services are not equal to cheating.
Using any bot-programm is forbidden.
4.Project specialities
  • The largest and the cutest female audience!
  • Free SMS protection of the Playing and Master accounts
  • Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V options have been implemented
  • Anti-scam option is now available
  • New icons for talismans
  • Dance/Song duration – 3 minutes
  • Amulet system
  • New faces/haircuts
  • New pets
  • ‘Academia’ service
  • Skills scroll enchantment has been 3 times increased (Adena/SP)
  • Premium account works separately for each server
  • Vitamin pets are everlasting
  • Command .km-all-to-me has been deactivated
  • Macros works in full
  • Macros lags have been fixed
  • Scroll enchantment chances are similar to the official (not reduced, as previously)
  • Monster champions to 80 levels are now available
  • Destruction RB no longer exist
  • Antaras, Valakas, Bayum and other epic heroes will be alive when the server starts!
  • For any forms of fraud the accounts are blocked
  • For repeated or serious violations of the forum rules, a playing account can be blocked
  • Trading/bartering playing characters and accounts/master accounts is prohibited both online and offline
  • Any barters like “my items here for your items in dota 2” is prohibited
  • Driver services offer is prohibited (searching for drivers is allowed)
  • Buy/Sale of the castles or clans is prohibited
  • Players assume all relevant risks while participating in events/contests/casino/roulettes created by the players.
  • The Administration is not responsible for bringing back the lost items.
5.Averia forum
5.1 What's Aver and how do I get it?
Please follow the link to find it out: http://board.averia.ws/threads/donations.43342/
5.2 Why can't I use the private messages system?
You need to wait 7 days after registration and you need to post 15 approved messages as well. This is due to avoid spam.
5.3 What's forum's $$$, how do I earn and spend it?
Briefly, 1$ is equal to 1 Aver. You earn $ while posting, commenting, etc. You can convert forum $$$ to your character's Avers manually by sending me a private messange. This works only if you have not less than 300 Avers on your forum account.
5.4 Is it possible to change my forum nickname and how much does it cost?
It is possible and сosts 30 Avers.http://board.averia.ws/threads/Смена-никнейма-на-форуме.48845/
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