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Discussion in 'GF x3' started by M3RKELL, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. M3RKELL

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    In my opinion there is a problem with game sever.

    After login, in fact everything is ok but when I choice proxy server I got " Kick disconnected.

    And guys...
    We Should Have Solved it By Now!!!!!!!!!!
  2. M3RKELL

    M3RKELL Vagabond

  3. trolya

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    As to a local settings error - we have already found the solution. Please follow the next instruction to fix it:

    1. Replace file GFExt.dll to the new one (it is located in System -> SmartGuard -> Plugins). You can download new GFExt.dll file here -
    2. Reboot your PC
    3. Run the game

    This files will be also added to our next patch and updater (most likely - tomorrow).

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