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18 Июн 2013
Hello, Averians!
You all know, that we have community on Facebook.
Someone was following the news, someone wasn't even paying attention to publications in the community.

For make more fun to your leisure time, I offer you a small event, in which each and every participant can get a reward!

Of course, if you will follow all the necessary conditions.:sneaky:

The list of event:

  1. Every Friday we will announce the start of the event. We will add a message with a link and a screenshot to the thread;
  2. You have to do repost latest posts from our community in FB, with the your nickname and server.
  3. Humbly waiting for time, when we'll send you the gift.
If you think event is easy, you are mistaken:
  • Every repost will be checked by me personally:sneaky:;
  • On repost you are given a day .All reposts made after 24 hours, just do not participate in the event;
  • Post will stay at the same place during the day, you can't mix it up with other posts;);
  • Event will take place every week, so don't worry if you can't do it in 24 hours, you can try next time;
  • Bots (pages without friends and without any information) is automatically disqualified and will not receive a gift;
  • Pages with hidden walls will be disqualified as well;
  • If I don't see your nick or server in a repost, then you will not get a gift(I'm not psychic, sadly);
As gift you will get 10 Avers. It will be sent by mail, after we complete counts, reposts and allocation of nicknames and servers.
If you have questions, you can ask me here.
Perhaps we will change the conditions of event.
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