Events [Gracia Final x7] New Year event "Dress a Christmas Tree!"


Sep 5, 2016

Dear friends!

2018 is coming to an end :1f60c:

The whole E-Global team wishes you a Happy New Year, and we also want to wish that the coming year will bring you only pleasure, both in real life and within our beloved world of Lineage 2.

And on the occasion of the upcoming holidays we want to please you with a wonderful event - "Dress a Christmas tree!"

Important information:
  • Launch date - after an unscheduled restart December 22 (already started today);
  • End date - will be announced a little later in this topic;
  • Be sure to update your game files via updater for correct displaying of event items and gifts!
    Also, you can install with replacement event patch.

Who can participate:

Each player of our server can become an event participant, regardless of the equipment and level of your character in the game.
The event is not tied to time and a specific location. It is enough to be in the game and hunt monsters in order to participate.

Event description:

There is a New Year's Tree on Giran Square. Mobs tore her and stole all the jewelry.
Santa-Claus sent his assistant to the Kingdom of Aden so that she could restore
the Christmas Tree before the New Year, and it's only hope for the help of the players!

1. You need to hunt an ordinary mobs in the game world, and the following items will be dropped out of them:
  • Etc_fir_spring_i00_0.jpg
    Fir Tree Branch
  • Etc_deco_bead_i00_0.jpg
    Bead Ornament
  • Etc_deco_star_i00_0.jpg
    Star Ornament
  • Christmas Red Sock - with a slight chance. When you open, you will receive 1 gift from the list below:
    • 25 Ivory Coins
    • 10 Quick Healing Potions
    • Soul Crystals 11/12/13 Levels
    • Fire/Water/Earth/Wind/Holy/Dark Attribute Ore (АТТ камни)
    • Enchanted Threasure Chest (description)
    • Threasure Chest with Life Stone (description)
    • Potion of Enegry Replenishing (restores 25% from max. Vitality)
2. Bring all collected parts of the Christmas Tree (branches, beads and stars) to Santa Assistant Emma. Emma is located on Giran square.

3. Exchange Christmas Tree parts from Emma and get instead of them:
  • Christmas Red Sock
  • Christmas Festival
    - useful buff that increases character parameters:
    • Duration - 120 minutes
    • Cannot be canceled, stolen
    • Does not fall down at death
    • Does not work at the Olympiad
    • Does not take buff slot
    • HP, CP, MP + 15%
    • Moving speed +10
    • P. Atk. + 8%
    • M. Atk. + 10%
    • All Clarity + 10%
Exchange rate of parts:
  • to get the Christmas Red Sock = 1 star + 3 beads + 10 branches
  • to get Christmas Festival = 3 stars / 8 beads / 25 branches (one of the options to choose from)
Also, depending on the diligence shown when participating in the event, players will receive special gifts on New Year's Eve! :1f609:

During the first dialogue with New Year NPC Santa Assistant Emma (on Giran square) each player will receive gifts:
  • Staff of transformation into a Snowman:
    • Transformation - increases the speed of movement and allows you to throw snowballs
    • MP +30%
    • gives 3 active skills: "stone/scissors/paper"
  • Santa's Hat:
    • Adds an active Vitality replenishment skill (Energy Recovery) - restores energy when gaining experience;
    • Buff duration - 20 minutes;
    • Energy Reuse Delay - 8 hours;
    • Duration of hat - 1 month;
    • Personal item.
  • Santa's Hat can be improved to Improved Santa's Hat from NPC Santa Assistant Emma for 15 Family Coin:
    • Adds an active Vitality replenishment skill (Improved Energy Recovery) - restores energy when gaining experience;
    • Buff duration - 60 minutes;
    • Energy Reuse Delay - 4 hours;
    • Duration of hat - iternal;
    • Personal item.

Happy holidays to you! :2603::1f389: