Gracia Final x7 (OFF-Like!) - Concept Description!

Apache Ant

From the creators of:
E-Global & Valhalla-Age

Gracia Final x7 - "All community at one Gracia Final!"
Grand opening: 10th September, at 20:00 (GMT +3)
OBT starts: 3rd September, at 20:00 (GMT +3)
Server time: GMT +1
Server platform: OFF-LIKE (Retail)

Let's skip the formalities and get straight to the point. We don't think it's a good idea to provide you with the information as if it were some kind of obscure official document. In fact, all you need to know is:​
  • The main idea of the project;
  • Where the development team wants to take the project.
Who do you usually imagine, when you think about server admins? Administration team is just the people who create and maintain the servers. Let's be honest - it's a business, and the main goal of any business is to earn a profit. We are offering services to you, and you pay for them. It's the basis of any freeshard. It’s that simple. So let's discuss what free-shard market looks like in 2016.

The pace is constantly growing, and you have already learned every aspect of the game. You already “finished” the game, right? You are really Pro at it. The Administration teams of the servers have also improved at service delivery and the number of such services. You will surprise no one with a high quality server. However, we are glad to admit, that you will be enjoyably surprised by our products. We are setting very high standards, and we appreciate your trust. But let's get back to the market. Actually, there are 2 most efficient money-making niches: mid-rate Interlude and High Five. These servers have an average lifetime of about 2 weeks, and gain the most profit at the start.
So the question I want to ask you: what if we look at this market from another angle? What if we invest in a long term goal? A server for many months of playing—a marathon instead of a sprint. A server that will not lose people after the first Heroes and the first epics. A server with the fights till the last soul/spirit shot, against the opponents who play just like you do. I bet it would force you to look at the game in a new way.
It's not really profitable from the business perspective. It would be much easier for us to open several "High Five x1200" at the same cost. Another side of the coin is reputation. We all know that reputation is worth nothing today. There are so many server projects that drain the energy and revenue from you and shut down without any warning. Just like that. And the month later you can find them with another "GRAND OPENING", at the top of rating lists. And the worst thing is—it works. But we choose the other way. We are really in love with our work, and we hold ourselves accountable for our words. I wouldn't lie: usually it interferes with the business, but instead it gives us the priceless opportunity to be proud of what we do and what we have done.
So what are we offering after all? "Shocking Opening of the Century"? No. But we are going to create an exciting and competitive Gracia world for a long time. The server that you would like to be a part of. The server that will inspire you to conquer and dominate! Attraction of the Top players, working with all well-known advertising platforms — we will work as hard as we can to expand the server life time. This is our main goal and we will make the maximum effort to make it real. To open the best and the most real Gracia Final.

Just what you have been waiting for and what you wanted, nothing more. It's just what you are looking for when you start playing on a new server. We are confident that we can give you that. And as we already agreed – our goal is to build the server that you can call your home.
So why did we choose this chronicle and these rates? It's pretty simple, to be honest. It's a great combination оf how fun the end-game is, and how hard it is to get there. Even after a month of playing you will still have a lot to do. This chronicle is the most PvP oriented, and it's impossible to avoid it if you want to get to the top. Gracia Final has fewer dungeons, and to step to the next stage of your character evolution you will need to interact with other players. It's a really exciting and even cruel world. A world that combines the solo grinding with many group confrontations. A world that challenges you every day. Quests, Epics, Grand Olympiad, clan system and much more. Basically, it combines all the reasons why you play on free-shards, and why you play Lineage 2.

We are good at bringing in an impressive number of players, you already know that. We’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and investments to master this skill. And now we are going to use our experience, knowledge, and funds to attract and invite the largest possible number of people who intend to play for a long time, just like you do.

As we mentioned earlier, our main goal is to create a server with the longest lifetime possible, as long as you decide to play on it. Advertising campaign, bonus starter packs, constant development and upgrading of the game world and servers, including 24/7 player support. We are always open to hear from you, and willing to satisfy your requests and solve your problems, but at the same time we will be tough with those who violate the Rules.

So what does it actually mean? This is a donation system that was designed to not interfere with the general game process, however, it will satisfy you no matter which playstyle you prefer. The prices and the selection of items will change during server life.

It may not sound valuable if you never worked in Web development. But as a user you surely appreciate high quality and friendly interfaces. It feels good when it’s easy to use all the services; when the support service is always available, the store works even if your character is not in town area, you can gamble at the casino, use auction, receive the bonuses and control your character from just one page in your browser. New Personal Account is well-optimized and a pleasure to use. We are looking forward to hearing your opinion about it!

There’s no one on this market who could guarantee 100% protection from the 3rd party software. The reason is that this is the way of making money for developers of such programs and they are really well-motivated to make it work properly. But we want to assure you that 99% of the free programs will not work on our server. We also have a Bot-hunter team, who will hunt down and block the 3rd party software users.

This is a preliminary announcement and it's really informal – we are just sharing our thoughts. Thoughts about our dream. We went a long way to get to this dream, gaining experience, revenue, audience; we had our victories and our losses. Now we want to share our dream with you.

More detailed server description going to be announced on August 18th.
Stay tuned!

"All community at one Gracia Final!"
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Apache Ant

and Valhalla Age presents

New Gracia Final x7
Classic concept, huge online - that’s what you've been waiting for so long!

Grand Opening: September 10th, 2016 at 20:00 (gmt +3)
OBT: September 3rd, 2016 at 20:00 (gmt +3)

Registration will be availabe on August 30th
Files for OBT will be availabel on Sptember 2nd.


  • Exp/Sp x7
  • Adena x5
  • Seal Stone x3
  • Drop chance x4, q-ty х1 (if chance is over 100% it won'tincrease the drop quantity)
  • Spoil chance x3, q-ty х1 (if chance is over 100% it won't increase the drop quantity)
  • Epaulettes chance х1, q-ty х3
  • Extracted Star Stone х3
  • Manor x1
  • Fame x1
  • Hellbound global level х3, books х2, personal level х1. Will be Opened 1st of October!
  • RB Exp/Sp x7
  • RB drop x2
  • Epic Boss Exp/Sp/Drop x1
  • Drop quest item x1
  • Quest reward (adena/exp/sp/item) x3/4/4/1
Additional changes for some of the quests:
  • Supply check wizzard classes receive Devoution set, instead of Wooden.
  • Good Work's Reward reward х1
  • The Finest Ingredients items drop х2
  • 3rd class transfer quest reward: 2 Giant Codex, 10kk adena
  • Supplier of Reagents bag's drop х2, reward х1
  • Awl Under Foot / Light within the Darknest items drop х3
  • Alliance with Ketra Orcs items drop х2
  • Alliance with Varka Silenos items drop х2
  • War with Ketra Orcs items drop х2
  • War with Varka Silenos items drop х2
  • Guardians of the Holy Grail items drop х2
  • Seekers of the Holy Grail items drop х2
  • Zero hour items drop х2
  • The Finest Food items drop х5
  • In Search of Fragments of Dimension items drop х3
  • An Ice Merchant's Dream items drop х2
  • Heart in Search of Power items drop х2
  • Necromancer's Request items drop х2
  • In the Forgotten Village items drop х2
  • Delicious Top Choice Meat items drop х2
  • A Game of Cards items drop х1, reward х1
  • Seductive Whispers items drop х1, reward х1
  • Stolen Dignity items drop х1, reward х1
  • How to Oppose Evil items drop х3

  • Server time - gmt +1
  • Autoloot - disabled
  • Off-trade - activation by using .menu command. Notification: you should buy item in misc (E-store shop), price - 50.000 aden, duration - 48 hours
  • Skills auto learning - until 61 level. Exception - all kind of Resurrection spell, Boost HP, and all skills that required items to be leared.
  • Clan Hall - the auction will start at September 17th. Minimum bet increased 5 times, available only for clans that reached level 6. Rent rate increased 7 times.
  • Start equipment - standard + WW scroll
  • Box limit - 2-3 during the Grand Opening, 4 in future
  • Cursed weapon - at September 17th
  • List of the Commands - whole list of the commands will be available by typing .menu
  • Teleportation costs - free until level 40, increased in 5 times after 79+
  • Chat limitation - shout/private/trade chats are available starting 20 level

Epic Bosses and Instance Zones Entrance Limits

Bosses respawn:

    • Hallate, Kernon, Golkonda 16 hours + 0..8 hours
    • Flame of Splendor Barakiel 8 hours +0..4 hours
  • Core 36 hours, +-2 random
  • Orfen 36 hours, +-2 random
  • Queen Ant 24 hours, +-2 random
  • Zaken 48 hours, +-2 random
  • Frintezza 48 hours, +-30 minutes
  • Baium 5 days, 0..4 random
  • Antharas 8 days, 0..4 random
  • Valakas 11 days, w/o random

Epic Bosses and Instancezone entrance limitation:
  • All Epic Bosses are dead from the server opening
  • Valakas entrance limit was removed
  • Baium level was increased from 75 to 80
  • Angelic Vortex was moved to 13th floor (Raid Boss Cherub Galaxias spot)
  • SoD (Tiat) entrance limit 18 characters
  • Attribute crystal farm stages in SoD was decreased from 12 to 6 hours, the q-ty of gathering energy compression stones increased 2 times.
  • Attribute crystal farm stages in SoI was decreased from 24 to 6 hours the q-ty of gathering energy compression stones increased 3 times.

Grand Olympiad Games
  • Starting on October 1st
  • The period of Grand Olympiad - 1 month
  • The battles takes place during 18:00 - 0:00 (gmt +1)
  • Without class specific - 9 characters to start
  • With class specific - 5 characters to start, the battles can start only on Friday and Saturday
  • Fights 3 x 3 - non less than 5 team to start the wave

Castle Siege, Territory Wars, Seven Seals, Clan Halls

Seven Seals
  • Period - 14 days,
  • First period - September 12th, at 20:00 (gmt +3)
  • First mamons - September 19th, at 20:00 (gmt +3)
Clan Halls
  • First sieges - September 23th
  • Fortresses are available to capture from the server start
  • First Castle sieges - October 9th, during 18:00 - 22:00 (gmt +3)
  • Castle sieges period - 14 days, on Sunday
  • Costs of Castle upgrades was increased in 10 times
Territory Wars
  • First Territory Wars will start after the first sieges ends (October 9th)
  • Territory Wars period - 14 days, from 20:00 (gmt +3) on Saturday
Shops and Services
More information...

All information will be announced soon.

The description is not final and can be changed. All changes will be announced.
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Luk ya tvoya mat'

Maloy, ya v 4em to ne prav?

Na oboih low rate rpg sfaililsa ochen' bistro
Na low rate averiyah toje bistro faililsa.

poetomu i govoru tvoi potolok x50jawakotiki, ne? to4nee operiruu faktami.
не понял к чему это ты пишешь
кстати ты не ответил на мои 2 вопроса
в двух местах ты прав, рпг гф с ексом в 2014 и самая самая первая аверия с фёрстклассом в 2013 - там я сфейлился быстро.
а если рассматривать последний рпг и последние аверии то твои факты наполовину пустой пердеж и высасывание из пальца
в двух местах ты прав, рпг гф с ексом в 2014 и самая самая первая аверия с фёрстклассом в 2013 - там я сфейлился быстро.
а если рассматривать последний рпг и последние аверии то твои факты наполовину пустой пердеж и высасывание из пальца
Napolovinu pustoy, napolovinu s m9kushkoy?

esli sprosit' manglera pro tvoi fail on skajet 4to ti horosho otigral i ne sfaililsa?

u kogo v party ti igral bolshe mesaca??? =DDDD Est' takie ludi vashe?
Napolovinu pustoy, napolovinu s m9kushkoy?

esli sprosit' manglera pro tvoi fail on skajet 4to ti horosho otigral i ne sfaililsa?

u kogo v party ti igral bolshe mesaca??? =DDDD Est' takie ludi vashe?
если спросить манглера про последний рпг он этот сервер предпочтет забыть как страшный сон