Gracia Final x7 (OFF-Like!) - Concept Description!

Discussion in 'English' started by Apache Ant, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. AlexPolo

    AlexPolo Vassal

    Nice s'ehal.
  2. Ichnovatis

    Ichnovatis Vagabond

    I play at interlude x7 and i think it's a good idea to do a wipeless update in Hellbound after September. How agree with me ?!
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  3. svitivec

    svitivec Vagabond

    it would be nice if server could start sooner :D my holidays will be over :(
  4. Ruzgass

    Ruzgass Vagabond

    There could be maximum of 3 chars at the same time on one ip address ,would be more interesting to play because now we sometimes see 6,5,4,3 extra chars folowing the main one ... I know he uses 2 pc but still thought that it would be more smarter to allow jus 2 boxed chars at one ip address and i know most of people agree with with me
  5. AlexPolo

    AlexPolo Vassal

    Bro Its Team play game.

    1 chars 1 ip its ok, 3 chars 1 ip its very cool
  6. Ruzgass

    Ruzgass Vagabond

    :D team play ? when 1 person connects 6 chars and playing alone :)? i dont think so ..(bd,sws,destro,spoil,summoner, ee and ....)
  7. Stickyd

    Stickyd Vagabond

    Why u don't make 6 chars or join a cp like every else.. u don't have a good pc? Maybe don't play l2 idk why u cry

    Ur pt sucks u missing wc u don't need a summoner or the ee
  8. Chaparritoi

    Chaparritoi Vassal

    where is the Full concept description??? we are on August 18th....
  9. Kr0zE

    Kr0zE Count

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  10. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    Pretty bad, do hope - you'll still come to observe one of our favorite cronicle =)

    It depends on online.
    But, on our privious server (which is still working) there was 3 boxes available.

    On translation, please - wait several hours.
  11. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

  12. Cruscher

    Cruscher Vassal

    A translation?Come on man,I can translate in 4 languages in 30 minutes,dont tell me that you need several hours :D
  13. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    No problem =)
    If you would do it instead of us (on 4 language), you'll recieve a rewards from us
  14. splint3r

    splint3r Baron

    ну все, привет ручейки ботов по квесту на 10к :)
  15. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    Там есть список квестов, которые мы вручную правим (не все стоят по х3), как раз для устранения подобного абуза, но если я не правильно понял и есть предложения - внимательно слушаю =)

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