Gracia Final x7 (OFF-Like!) - Concept Description!

Discussion in 'English' started by Apache Ant, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. DaBezt

    DaBezt Vassal

  2. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    Yes, totaly!

    Right now, the vote says, that auto-loot will be off (if we double it with CYS votes)
  3. Everlife

    Everlife Vagabond

    Olympiad items are capped at +6?
  4. SandyStorm

    SandyStorm Vassal

    When will we be able to get GF clients and patcher?
  5. Cruscher

    Cruscher Vassal

    Why dont you download GF client from some other pages? :) Just use google.....
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  6. DaBezt

    DaBezt Vassal

    Exactly and later they can wait just for updater.
  7. SandyStorm

    SandyStorm Vassal

    Apparently I am not a smart man :) Thanks for the tip
  8. YUGnarni26

    YUGnarni26 Vagabond

    уже вторую неделью не заходт в лк что делать
  9. DaBezt

    DaBezt Vassal

    So when u are going to open it ? :)
  10. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    It already done (was on 20:00 - 20:30) gmt +3
  11. DaBezt

    DaBezt Vassal

    Ye i see :) Thanks
  12. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    Dear Friends!
    The limit of character to Tiat is changed - 18
    Matras' Suspicious Request - is up to x3

    Thank you for attention!

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