Events [Gracia Final x7] The awakening of Cronus


Sep 5, 2016
Dear friends!
We invite you to take a part in the "The awakening of Cronus" event. The event consists of two parts, a quest and an instance. It developed for passing in the command channel. You can gain extra EXP and get nice drop for killing the Giant.

  • The event is regular for the Gracia Final x7 server;
  • Quest an Instance zone rollback is daily at 6:30 am by server time (GMT +2);
  • Quest begins at NPC Adventurers' Guide;
  • Quest-participants must be level 70-85 (incl.)
  • Raid boss farmers must be 75-85 lvl.
  • Entrance to the zone is available for the command channels from 18 to 45 members (2-5 parties). Any character can be a command channel's leader.
  • You can enter the instance zone through the NPC Lucius, which is located in the Gludio town.
  • Guaranteed reward: extra-EXP for completing the quest, EXP for defeating the Giant.
  • Raid Boss drop: S-grade equipment (weapons, armors, accessoires); S80-grade equipment (weapons, armors, accessoires); Archer's Will, Magician's will и Fighter's Will books (~ 15%), S-grade enchant scrolls, armors and weapons parts, BSOR and BSOE.
  • The party that makes the last hit can also enchant SA:
    • 10 -> 11 - 100%
    • 11 -> 12 - 75%
    • 12 -> 13 - 50%
    • 13 ->14 - 25%
    • Personal chance for each member of the party that makes the last hit (like Anakazel).
Event Description:

On the Gracia island Ancient Giant, whose name is Cronus is awakened from ancient sleep. The Alliance of Ketzerossa encourages the Elmoreden clans to gather all their strengths, to unite into groups and go to war with the ancient evil!

Quest begins at NPC Adventurers' Guide. After taking the quest, go to NPC Lucius, which you can find in Gludio town.

About the Quest:
  • Quest title: Stop the Ancient Giant
  • Type: group
  • Objective: to defeat Cronus
  • Required level: 70-85
  • Mechanics: Player who make last hit takes reward. If player is in party or command channel, reward is divided equally for each party member.
  • Reward:
    EXP & 7.500.000 SP; 50 Ivory Coins
  • The quest cooldowns daily at 6:30 AM server time (GMT +2).

Instance zone and Raid Boss is available for players only 70-85 lvl, consisting of a team channel of 18-45 members. You can farm RB without taking Quest. The entry is made by Command channel's leader, the players must be situated within a small radius of the NPC.
After entering, players enter a zone, which is protected from aggression of RB, there you can reorganize groups if it is necessary and to make rebuff, and then start to farm RB.
After receiving significant damage Cronus uses a force field, protecting Cronus from any kind of damage. To destroy the field, two groups of players must go through the opened portals and destroy the Generators. You have to find the real generators among the fakes. When the force field of RB is weaken, you can continue the fight.
After the Giant's death, the Reward drops to the ground as usual. You can leave the zone through the opened portal.


Sep 5, 2016
Please take into account that we have changed the mechanic of entering the instance. From now on anyone can create a Command Channel and get inside the instance (not only clan leader as it was on our previous server). So, solo players have also possibility to take part in this event.