Grand Opening - April 28 , 19:00 (CET / GMT +1)

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    Grand Opening - 28 April, 19:00 (CET / GMT +1)
    Dear Players!
    Grand Opening is going to be at 19:00 +/- 10 min (CET / GTM +1).
    We remind that before the start you need to update the client through the updater!

    Friends, please read the information below carefully!
    [​IMG] Master Account Registration:
    Attention! A Master Account system is working on our servers: game account is registered INSIDE a Master Account (link). If you have already registered one - just log in, switch to High Five x5 server (link) and create new Game Account on it (link).
    [​IMG] Files:

    Server description:

    Description of PA and Runes:
    Donate shop and Services:
    How to use Control Panel?
    Got a question? Contact Support Team!
    Answers to tickets and the deadline for their decision must comply with the following standards (if the requirements were not met, you are entitled to write a complaint that will be considered as soon as possible (private messages)).
    • Regular ticket - an answer within 24 hours (depending on the load on the Support Team);
    • Ticket for parsing of logs - an answer within 24 hours, parsing of logs up to 4 days (depending on the load on the Support Team);
    • Ticket with donation issue - within 2-4 hours;
    • Ticket with bot report - in the shortest term.
    E-global Team wishes you a good start! ;)
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