Grand Opening - September 10! - Prepare for Battle!

Discussion in 'English' started by Apache Ant, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Apache Ant

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    Grand Opening - 10 September, 20:00 (GMT+3)
    Dear Users!
    Before Start, everyone have to make "full check" via updater!
    The server will be available from 20:00 +/- 10 minutes (GMT +3)

    Please, make the last preparation!

    [​IMG] Register account (Attention: our project has Master Account, Game Account can be created ONLY inside Master Account);
    How to use Master Account?

    [​IMG] Files (Download) - Before Start, everyone have to make "full check" via updater!

    [​IMG] Server Description

    Is paysafecard and paypal available for Greece?

    • Yes! Both options are available, but only if you can't make payment via G2a, and you have white history as our user on E-Global servers! To make such payment, you should create ticket in CP to support department. If you have any question about "How to create a ticket", please - read our manual. Be sure, our support provide you all information you needed! :)

    What about multi-box?
    • Totaly depend on Online, but so far - we have to make 3 limit from each PC, if online will be lower or higher we could change the rule.

    Is there exist exact working hours of support, how much time should i wait for each answer?

    Guys, let's be honest. We always work as hard as it possible.
    On our support team (for Gracia Final) were invited 6 co-workers (2 of them focused on Bot Hunting);
    Mainly, we work each day from 11:30 - 02:30.

    • Issua with general problem - less than 24 hour (in 1 week after Grand Opening);
    • Logs issue - answer less than 24 hour, logs process (depend on each sutiatuin);
    • Problem with donation and payments - from 2 - 4 hour;
    • Bot hunting tickets - as fast as possible;

    Is there any punishment for using soft?
    • Yes - it is! We love you, but should warn, if yuo are going to USE SOFT, you have to know - that you could be punished badly. Remember: Don't make a crime, if you can't do the time!

    Are you ready to DDOS?
    • I think no-one is ready for 100%, but we prepare as good as possible. We like the matureness of our community, and asking you to be patient, no matter how badly situation will look. Remember - each problem have solution, and we will find it ;)

    Good luck to everyone! ;)

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  2. Apache Ant

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    List of changes during OBT:
    • The vitamin pets won't be available in game shop from the start! But, we leave under our consideration the rights to add them after some time (via events and game shop).
    • Some of quests (over-abused) was reduced by us, to make economy more stable;
    • Bonus system in Control Panel - we renew it duting open beta. The gyst of such system - while your character is growing, you could obratin bonuses (into Control Panel).
    • New Limit for Camaloca 23, 26, 33, 36, 43, 46, labyrinths 29, 39, 49 and Pailaka is changed from 10-15 to 50 parallel instant zone.

    Small notification:

    Please, always Use updater (full check), if you want everything to work correctly;
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  3. RCwow

    RCwow Vassal

    so top b armor is still in donate ?
  4. Ellinator888

    Ellinator888 Vagabond

    What About vitality cakes? I think it would be better to remove vitality cakes and leave the bonus,premium runes :)
  5. TheDominator

    TheDominator Grand Duke

  6. WizZy

    WizZy Heir

    well , bonus runes are about 30% exp , vit lvl 0->4 is 300% ? But yea, this is main source of income from donations for server, so let it be, gj with top b.
  7. forz

    forz Elder

  8. Ellinator888

    Ellinator888 Vagabond

    Yes, but donators will be playing all the time with full vitality system. The rest of the server will play with normal rate (x7) - so the levels will be much bigger. And thats of course not fair! Because its x7 not x20 or how many.
  9. 2016,and people still complaining about donation system,honestly i think that at 2016 the young crew of lineage 2 community left this game most likely,and only ''grown people'',playing this game now day's,so if you don't have a job or an income for a 50euro donation,then stop complaining about donations,and get a job,fix your life status,and then get back in game,the food and house which your parents give you it will not last for ever.
    after all you need a server,with huge advertise and huge community without income.
    fix your attitude already boys.
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  10. WizZy

    WizZy Heir

    When we get info about vit items ?
  11. CaLy

    CaLy Vassal

    All donation prices are ok...But price of cakes are iINSANE...30 euros for 10 cakes is a high price...Consider in low the price of it so all people can donate some cakes...If you decrease the prices you will receive more donations believe me!!!Decrease the prices or remove it from shop because is really a high price 10 cakes 30 euros.
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  12. SandyStorm

    SandyStorm Vassal

    Nice there are cakes! I like cakes, people fight over them or on massive hunting spots people share it. Gives money to server and they are not harmful to gameplay that much.

    EDIT: Yes prices are a bit over the top for cakes, the rest are fine.
  13. WizZy

    WizZy Heir

    Cakes change rates for 9 ppl on AOE for up to +300%, you think such boost should be so cheap ? To make it global ? This should hurt your pocket to not spam it and actually make people to want fight for it.
  14. Ellinator888

    Ellinator888 Vagabond

    Cakes are shared to party? Or only for owmer the cake? :D
  15. CaLy

    CaLy Vassal

    If he low the price any player can buy E-coin from players and buy cakes...If he keep this price noone will buy e-coins to buy cakes and who donate will exp non stop with 300% exp + runes and who can't donate won't have it.

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