[GVE] System of Party Unity, Boost Morale, Aura of Protection

Apache Ant

Project Manager
Feb 24, 2016
We would like to introduce players a small systems, the main purpose of which is to rally players within a faction, as well as to increase the importance of attending all the main events of the Glory World game world.


Fractional war on the GVE server helps to unite players in groups. However, some players still prefer to play alone. In order to give players another reason to unite in groups, the Party Unity system was added which imposes a positive effect on all members of the group.

Party Unity - All characters in the group receive additional bonuses, depending on the number of group members.
  • 2-4 players: +5% EXP, +3% PVE Defense, +10 CP Regen.
  • 5-6 players: +10% EXP, +5% PVE Defense, +15 CP Regen, +2% Healing Effects.
  • 7-9 players: +15% EXP, +10% PVE Defense, +20 CP Regen, +4% Healing Effects.


Each victory, even the most insignificant, should help the worriors to maintain their fighting spirit for further battles and achievements. We implemented the Boost Morale system so that the players were always full of energy and were eager to rush into battle.
This system allows all participants of major battles to get an additional positive effect, which temporarily enhances their characteristics to maintain morale.

Boost Morale - Increases the morale of warriors and increases their characteristics by 10 minutes.
  • +3% Atk. Spd
  • +3% Cast. Spd
  • +3% P.Def
  • +3% M.Def
  • +5% Max CP
  • +5% Max HP
  • +5% Max MP
  • +3 Evasion
  • +3 Accuracy
  • +5 Speed
  • +5% Enchant Chance

Players can get a Boost Morale effect when performing certain actions in the game:
  • Destruction of Outpost (radius 3000)
  • Capture an Artifact (radius 3000)
  • Raid Boss Killing (radius 3000)
  • Successful Capture of the Fort
  • Successful defense of the Fort
  • Successful capture of the Castle
  • Successful defense of the Castle

Native land always has a positive effect on warriors, since it gives self-confidence and strength to fight in enemy troops. Being on the union territory, the players must feel support and believe in their victory over the opponent. To make this true, there is a special effect on all Outposts within a radius of 1000 - Aura Of Protection, which affects all the allied characters and improves their characteristics.

Aura Of Protection - Increases the protective characteristics of members of the faction in the area near the union Outpost.
  • +10% P.Def
  • +10% M.Def
  • +100 HP Regen
  • +100 CP Regen
  • +5 Evasion


Jun 8, 2019
what about healers? we dont get NOTHING! only adena and that is all! if we playing alone what? NOTHING? no inquisitor, no maps with undead mobs ... again NOTHING!