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    Dear players! We are glad to inform you that we have been moved to the new Control Panel!

    What the difference between old and new CP?
    • When you registered on our project you will create a multipurpose Master Account, which will allow you to play on our servers without any additional accounts.
    • Better security system - your data will be also protected by PIN-code (besides password), which will allow you to control almost all actions inside of your CP.
    Теперь давайте разберемся в новом функционале. So let take a closer look on it and on the functions.

    Registration of Master Account
    Once you will go to the CP login page you will find the login form. Press "Create a new account" button.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Fill all the form fields. New prefix could be generated by clicking on it.
    Please, don't forget to read and accept the Project Rules.
    You will need to confirm the registration on your email! Please note it and use the real e-mail address.
    After the successful confirmation you can enter to the CP.

    Creating and binding the game accounts
    Example 1. You don't have any game accounts on our servers and you want to create one.

    Choose the server where you want to play in the top of the page. Chosen server will be shown in top-left side of the page.
    Press "Create Account" in right side of the page. Then comes the pop-up window with a form of account creation.


    Fill all the fields, change the prefix if you want (optionaly) and press "Register". If you did everything correctly you will receive the information that account was successfully created. You will also receive the file with your registration data.
    In the bottom of the page will appear game account that you just created. You can change (1) or reset (2) the password of game account.


    Now you can log in to the game.
    Example 2. You already have an game account and you can't log in to the CP to use account functions and services.

    First you will need to register the Master Account, log in and choose the server, where you have a game account (1) and then press the "Add the account" button (2).
    Then appears pop-up window where you need to fill the game account information.
    Please note, that you will need to confirm the binding of your game account in your e-mail that was mentioned when you registered.


    After the verification this account will be shown in the list of binded account on selected server. The E-Coin balance will be transfered to the Master Account. Now you can enjoy the full functional of new CP.
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