Icarus on Gracia Final x3

Discussion in 'Clan/CP LF' started by kMr, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. kMr

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    Discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/wFaGXuB

    What we offer :

    • Playing in one one of the most dedicated party on L2.
    • Friendly and chill atmosphere full of laughs and generally having a good time while playing lineage together
    • Long term dedication and goals , commiting your time playing with us, you would always know what we are striving for and looking to achieve as a group.
    • We are also good friends with each other, joining us is gaining a new family, we talk to each other all the time on voice com and play other games together etc.
    What we except :

    • Good online activity, we expect you to be online for our prime time unless your have warned otherwise. It's never a problem to miss our prime, as long as you have warned us before. We are all adults here and have real life responsibilities. What we won't tolerate is waiting full party for someone to show up when he isn't comming.
    • Be an adult. Most of us are 25+ and some have kids and families. We don't need extra drama while playing lineage.
    • No disrespectful actions. You win PvP - don't gloat or insult enemy. You lose PvP - Don't cry. We pvp many times a day. Sometimes we win, sometimes we might lose. We are not afraid of fightning being vastly outnumbered ot attacking into disadvantageous positions. No matter win or loss, our mentality is always how to improve and do better next time.
    • Be a decent player. We don't expect you to be god's given choice, but we expect you to be a decent player willing to imrove and strive to be the very best as an individual.
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  2. Marshall

    Marshall Count

    I thought you were on Ketra-wars?
  3. kMr

    kMr Heir

    We stop ketrawars one month ago when we realized Yasnoteam is only for RMT there and BoHps for boosting friends and his own streaming. No competition we w'ere playing some of us with randoms for fun on x30 Valhalla IL
  4. Marshall

    Marshall Count

    You know, I am kind of lazy to quote shit from the forum there and all. But you guys were saying that you will rape the server, over-enchant valak's and run around pwning everyone like gods of sorts. And now you tell me that you literally failed 10 days after start? :D No wonder nobody saw you on locations and etc. I hope you won't start telling dudes here, that you are going to destroy them as well? If you do something like that, you will discredit whats left of yourself pretty fast. No hate mate, peace? :peka:
  5. О, какие люди, заебись!
    Hello my friend! )
  6. Kurin

    Kurin Vagabond

    Is one clan or one cp ?, I will start with my cp on this server may will be good try to find one clan with sources :p
  7. kMr

    kMr Heir

    We recruit players for our cp and cp's for the clan
  8. stefangi

    stefangi Vagabond

    mage with 6h+ per day of gaming looking for cp ;)
  9. Akritipan

    Akritipan Elder

    Gl guys :)
  10. kMr

    kMr Heir

    For main CP 6h/day we consider it driver.
    8h+ /day main.
  11. kMr

    kMr Heir

    Who ever is interested on GF x3 Low-rate 10.09.2017. PM me. Recruitment is still open. - Before you apply since its a low rate consider this. * You need free time, I dont force you to play but its a low-rate server so if you dont have free time dont expect anything. * Before you want to play any char, you should know how to play the char, and provide some proofs. *We consider a driver who plays less than 6h/day we can consider you a main char if you free time to spend in L2 is 8h/day or higher. *We will not accept on this server people without CP knowleadge or mass fight basic knowleadge. * Your PC should and Internet conecction should be able to deal with mass fights. Its not a excuse to say I have lags of fps. That means your not able to play in your maximum performance.

  12. MrSausainiZ

    MrSausainiZ Vagabond

    U should learn cp and mass fight concept yourself instead focusing peeps u dislike :D
  13. kMr

    kMr Heir


    lf 9/9
  14. Methelena

    Methelena Vassal

    Hello , looking for CP if u still recruiting solo players to complete any of ur cp's let me know here or in skype m_i_r_o_t_v_o_r_e_c_a
    i can use ts or any other program that u using !
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  15. kMr

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